US-born television host and producer Josh Gates were born on August 10, 1977. Former host and executive producer of Syfy’s Destination Truth and Stranded, as well as host and executive producer of Expedition: Unknown and Legendary Locations on Discovery (and formerly Travel) Channel.

In addition to hosting several live episodes of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, he has appeared as a guest investigator on both shows.

How Is Josh Gates Doing? Illness and Health Update in 2022

American TV host and producer Josh Gates appear to be doing nicely. But in 2021, while working underground, Gates and several crew members got sick from the bat poop and had to be hospitalized.

Expedition: Unknown and Legendary Locations is a Discovery Channel program he hosts. The 44-year-old man is not only a showrunner but also a co-executive producer.

He also hosts many live specials and investigators on the paranormal TV series Ghost Hunters and its spin-off, Ghost Hunters International. Ping Pong Productions, his production firm, is presenting the series.

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What Is Josh Gates’s Illness?

josh gates illness

Josh Gates claims to be in good health. But the TV star has already disclosed an allergy to English ivy (hedera helix).

Gates tweeted that he was allergic to it and felt “unique” about it because nearly no one else was bothered by it.

The host gets sick after days of filming daring stunts. Due to consuming food infected with bat guano, he ended up in the hospital.

Around the month of July 2021, he and the other Discovery crew members spent several days living and working a hundred feet underground. They ingested bat guano, spider webs, and other insect waste because they consumed the exposed food.

They went to the hospital because of a severe illness, and the diagnosis was made thanks to bat poop. Because of his illness, the presenter vowed never to return to such locations.

Josh Gates Health Update 2022

By 2022, Josh Gates appears to be fine. He probably started taking better care of himself and eating healthier after the 2021 event.

Similarly, he also lost almost 30 lbs. in weight during the Covid epidemic. He told the media that his weight loss was the consequence of an improved diet and more frequent exercise.

Because of the change in his diet and exercise routine he made during the start of the Covid epidemic, he has shed a lot of weight and managed to keep it off.

Recently, he’s been juggling a number of different responsibilities at once. On August 5th, he announced to his Josh Gates Live audience that he had relocated to New England.

Details to Josh Gates Family

On August 10, 1977, in Massachusetts, U.S.A., Josh Gates was born to parents Lee and Sonia Gates.

His mother was British, while his father was a deep seas driver. Owen Gates and Ila Amelia Gates are Gates’ children. In February of 2016, the TV host and his ex-wife Hallie Gnatovich welcomed their first child together.

Currently, Josh appears to be single. However, he already had a family with his Destination Truth co-star Hallie Gnatovich.

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josh gates illness

He was the presenter, and she was a researcher when they first met on stage and hit it off. They hitched the married in 2014 and divorced the following year.

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