“Bad Dude” John Hardin Stearns, a former Major League Baseball (MLB) catcher who played for the New York Mets from 1975 to 1984, was born on August 21, 1951.

In the latter stages of his career, he had injury issues. He was the Seattle Mariners’ catching coordinator.

What Happened with John Stearns?

Although John Stearns has been given a prostate cancer diagnosis, it is expected that he will make a full recovery soon. He was diagnosed with a possibly fatal disease in January 2022 as the source of his symptoms.

In April of this year, Stearns fell and suffered a broken hip as a result. He also underwent surgery earlier this year for a hernia.

The New York Mets have acknowledged that Stearns is suffering from a condition that could prove fatal, but they are crossing their fingers for a quick recovery.

The injuries that ended Stearns’ baseball career did not prevent him from playing for a particularly long time after he retired. The Milwaukee Brewers made the decision to take a risk on him and hire him as a scout and a coach for their minor league squad in the latter part of 1986.

john stearns illness

Additionally, his 1980 season was cut short by the first of many illnesses that would trouble him during the course of his whole career. Stearns started the year 1981 in the same place he left it the year before, i.e., on the disabled list.

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The Current Status of John Stearns in 2022

Although John Stearns is now ailing, experts believe he will recover quickly. His organization had posted a formal announcement on its website in May of this year.

After finishing his rehabilitation, Stearns was interviewed. During the course of the interview, the “Bad Guy” gave his devoted fans some uplifting news.

Prostate cancer is now being treated by John Stearns. He continues to be optimistic about her quick recovery. He said, “It is absolutely amazing that they would reach out to me if word gets out that I have cancer and that people are worried about my passing away right immediately. And that motivates me to fight even harder on top of that.

john stearns illness

Then he clarified, “Because I’m going to fight this,” before continuing. Prior to starting his coaching responsibilities for the spring season, Stearns underwent surgery to treat a hiatal hernia. He eventually had to resign from his post on March 7, 2014, as his recovery took much longer than anticipated.

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John Stearns nicknamed “Bad Dude” is a former major league baseball catcher. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer additionally he had an operation for a “Hernia” earlier this year.

But his injuries did not keep him away from baseball although John is currently unwell, doctors anticipate that He will make a speedy recovery.

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