The American tennis player Christine Marie Evert (born December 21, 1954), who competed as Chris Evert Lloyd from 1979 to 1987, was once ranked No. 1.

For her career, Evert won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, including a record-tying seven French Opens and a tie for the most in US Open history with six.

Tennis Great Chris Evert Completes Chemotherapy Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Chris Evert, a former tennis world No. 1, said on Monday that she had finished her sixth and final round of chemotherapy for stage 1 ovarian cancer.

After winning 18 grand slam titles, the tennis player announced in January that she had been diagnosed with the illness.

She tweeted, “I’m a little out of it (meds), but still, glad and relieved I finished my six chemo sessions.” The tweet was accompanied by a video showing her ringing a wind chime with the medical staff that cared for Evert.

“Appreciate it so much, and I adore you… We certainly don’t want to run into each other again, “As she got ready to leave the hospital, Evert joked with the staff about her experience there.

A professional tennis player and Evert’s younger sister, Jeanne Evert Dubin, passed away in 2020 at the age of 62 due to ovarian cancer. Before it was discovered, Dubin’s cancer had already spread.

chris evert illness

Evert, 67, claims that her oncologist assured her that, thanks to the early detection of the disease, she had a greater than 90% chance of never experiencing a recurrence.

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Chris Evert Opens up About Her Stage 1 C Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

It was brief, uncomplicated, and incredibly convoluted. On December 7, I received a text message.

The pathology report came back today and it shows that I have a malignant tumor in my fallopian tube; I’m having additional surgery next week and then chemo… f—- me… I can’t communicate right now.

It took me five readings of the passage for the meaning to register. My close friend Chrissie has been diagnosed with cancer. Jeanne, her sister, had died of the illness. My gosh.

“No! S—-. My apologies. Please call me whenever it’s convenient for you. Please use me for anything you require.”

On-set collaboration between McKendry and Evert during the Australian Open. Toby McKendry, Chris McKendry, and Chris McKendry

Initially, she was in need of more data. She required some time alone to digest it. Not to mention, she had undergone not one but two surgical procedures, necessitating physical rest.

After that, she had to share her background. Chrissie, through thick and thin, has always been the author of her own life. To that end, here we are.

Chris Evert’s ovarian cancer has been detected at the 1C stage. A preventative hysterectomy led to its early detection.

In addition to the breast, no other signs of cancer have been found in her body. The first of six cycles of chemotherapy she will undergo started this week.

In retrospect, she reflects, “My life has been incredibly fortunate. I have several difficulties to overcome now. But I take solace in the fact that the chemotherapy is designed to prevent a recurrence of the cancer.”

She has every reason to be anxious. Chrissie: “As someone who has always had control over her life, I have no idea how I’ll respond to chemotherapy.” “There is a higher power I must submit to.”

chris evert illness

Chrissie’s surgeon is Dr. Joel Cardenas from the gynecology/oncology division at Cleveland Clinic Florida in the Fort Lauderdale area.

“Stage 3 or 4 is when most cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed,” Cardenas says. “She would be in Stage 3 or 4 in around three months. It spreads to the stomach if nothing is done.”

Chrissie is typical of the vast majority of women, in that she shows no outward signs of illness. Ovarian cancer in its early stages is almost impossible to detect.

She reminded me that every one of her yearly checkups has come back negative, from blood testing for the cancer antigen 125 protein through ultrasounds and MRIs with contrast.

She exclaims, “I am so lucky,” with all the confidence of someone who has seen the unlucky.

Chris with her late sister, Jeanne Evert Dubin, who was 62 when she passed away in February of 2020 from ovarian cancer. Chris says of her, “She’ll get me through it,” when referring to her own therapy. The Chris Evert

Sister and fellow tennis pro Jeanne Evert Dubin passed away in February of 2020. Age-wise, she was 62. Chrissie noticed her sister Jeanne was too out of breath to keep up as they raced through the airport in October 2017 to catch their trip to Singapore for the WTA Finals.

According to Chrissie, “Jeanne was busy taking care of everyone else, which is very much in keeping with her nature and the experiences of many other women.”

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Jeanne said that she would go to the doctor as soon as they got back. She has ovarian cancer, the doctors said. The disease had already spread and was in its advanced stages.

Chrissie calls her experience of being present throughout Jeanne’s treatment “devastating and traumatic.” She believes that thinking about Jeanne’s courage will give her the fortitude to face her own challenges.

She is my motivation every time I have to undergo chemotherapy,” Chrissie explains. “To put it simply, I’ll be remembering her. And I know she’ll help me make it.”

At Jeanne’s funeral, Chrissie gave the eulogy. Chrissie was cool under pressure, articulate, and witty. Chrissie was frank about Jeanne’s cancer, however. The speaker and their message made a significant impact.

In her eulogy, she reflected, “For lack of a better phrase, Jeanne’s last 2 and a half years have been awful.

She endured a barrage of chemotherapy, experimental treatments, surgeries, procedures, portals, needles, and subtle agony. She did not stop fighting until the very end. Those of us who had this experience with her found it quite painful to see her go through this.”

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