Especially during a holiday like New Year, it is important to stock up on the things you need. During the New Year, a lot of people come to visit, so it’s best to shop ahead of time. If you forgot and need to shop at the last minute, check if: Will Food Lion is open on January 1? You’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ve put together all the information we could find about Food Lion’s hours on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. You can find related information on our website, so don’t forget to add this page to your bookmarks.

Is Food Lion Open On New Year’s Day?

What Time Does Food Lion Open on New Year

Food Lion never stops, and the store is open almost every day of the year. Also, most of the business will be done at the store on holiday days, when it will be very busy. The store is only supposed to be closed on Christmas Day.

Other than that, it will be open and running, as usual, the rest of the time. The Food Lion New Year’s Day Hours in 2023 Won’t Change, and The Store Will Be Open as Usual, Just Like Every Other Day.

Because it has so many products, Food Lion is one of the most visited grocery stores in the United States. Food Lion New Year’s Day Hours can be looked up ahead of time by people who need to go to the store quickly.

The Grocery Store Will Be Open From 7 AM Until Its Usual Closing Time, Which is 10 PM. So, you can take it easy and go shopping on New Year’s Day for the best deals on things you need.

Food Lion New Years’ Eve Hours

What Time Does Food Lion Open on New Year

Food Lion changes its hours when there are public holidays or federal holidays. Also, not all stores have the same hours of operation. So, it’s best to check with the people at the Service Desk By Calling Them before going straight to the store. There is a good chance that the Food Lion New Year’s Hours will change in some areas that don’t get as much traffic.

Most of the time, Food Lion doesn’t close all of its doors to its customers. The hours may be different from one store to another and from one year to the next. So, it would be best to contact the store directly to find out the right times.

But the Food Lion New Year’s Eve hours won’t change at the big stores. They will be open at regular times every day and serve their customers. Food Lion customers should know that the store will be open as usual on New Year’s Eve.

Customers can get everything they need for groceries in one place, which saves them a lot of time. Is Food Lion open on New Year’s Eve? The store is open and stays open all day, just like on regular business days, which is good news.

When it comes to the hours, they will also stay the same as reported and as they were the year before. If you don’t have much time, you can call the store to find out when it’s open before you go.


If you want to know, Food Lion will close at what time on New Year’s Eve? Right here is where you can find it. We already said that the store will close at 10 p.m. on December 31. When it comes to the store’s hours, it will open at the usual time of 7 AM. You can still check when the store opens and closes before you turn the wheel toward it.

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