It’s a new year, so it’s time to make new plans. Don’t worry, Chipotle is still around, but the big question is whether it’s open or not.

Well, we made it. It was a long and winding road, but somehow, that scary, stupid, and stupidly stupid year called 2022 is over.

All of you, Happy New Year! Let’s put the past behind us and start over to get 2023 off on the right foot.

It doesn’t matter what you did the night before. That should be in 2022, and you have a chance to get better. When a new year starts, it’s time to make resolutions. The sun is out, the world is ready for you to take charge, and the new year can go in any direction you want.

Is Chipotle Open Today

Getting in better shape is a goal for everyone. Even though gyms might not be open everywhere, you can still eat better. A daily cleanse could help you live healthier in the new year if you do it at the beginning.

What is it? Is Chipotle still in business? Yep. Now that I’ve broken my new promise, I want a triple cheese and bean burrito.

Wait, does it work on January 1? Friends, yes, it most definitely is.

Is Chipotle Open On New Year’s Day 2023?

Is Chipotle Open Today

On Friday, a lot of Chipotle places will be open. What you’ll need to do is check the Chipotle website to make sure that’s true for the closest location to your house or apartment.

And if you want to know why I say to look up the location online, let’s talk about it, shall we?

It’s important to know the hours of each store. People know that different places will have different hours because of the holiday, whether they like it or not. You’ll definitely need to find out when your store is open so you can grab a meaty monster to stuff in your stomach.

Is Chipotle Open Today

And, hey, who says you can’t reach your goals while eating Chipotle? Cut back on the red meat, eat less rice, and skip the burritos in favor of salad bowls.

So, you can enjoy a classic meal that will not only help you eat well but also meet your daily Chipotle needs. Rest easy, America. Your favorite fast food burrito place is open and ready to help you start off 2023 right.

Now, get up, get in your car, and have a great day watching the College Football Playoff and eating extra guacamole.

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