A flirtatious text is the ideal Christmas present for your crush. It’s non-committal, available in all sizes, and extremely flexible. (Like, on the day of.) You don’t need to worry about coming up with witty, seductive, yet festive ideas. Here are many romantic texts that are hotter than freshly baked genderless gingerbread cookies to send to your crush on Christmas.

Winter is the ideal season to stay in bed with a particular someone and discover ways to stay warm, whether you’re handcuffed or on the lam. Instead of wallowing in your sadness over the fact that you and your significant other can’t celebrate the holidays together, send them a thoughtful note on Christmas morning.

Let the new cutie know they’re in your thoughts with something naughty and wonderful if the chemistry has just begun to flow. Hitting “send” on that spicily worded message after your halls are decorated and your bells are ringing can be a certain way to set your love blazing like a warm winter hearth.

So prepare to text your crush, perhaps from under the dinner table, as you wrap your presents, or charge your phone. 

Best Flirty Christmas Wishes to Send Your Crush

“Are you a flying reindeer? ‘Cause you sleigh me”

“Santa called and asked me if you were good this year. I told him you were. Did you get everything you wanted?”

“I’d like to get laid under the tree.”

“You’re on my list, and I’ve checked you (out) twice.”

“The stockings are hung, I hope you are too.”

“Screw a white Christmas — I want it red hot.”

 “Unlike Santa, I come more than once a year.”

“Did you get that outfit on Black Friday? ‘Cause I want it 100% off.”

 “Ever done it in a sleigh?”

 “Are you looking for a gold star? Cause I shine best when I’m on top.”

 “Let’s go out next week, I promise I won’t (snow)flake on ya.”

Best Flirty christmas text

 “I bet I know a few things you want for Christmas.”

“Please don’t be a Scrooge, I’m just a guy/girl hoping to share a little Christmas magic with a gorgeous guy/girl.”

“In exchange for your number, I’ll give you this mint-condition Candy Cane!”

“I’m making a list and checkin’ it twice, but the only thing it’s missing is your number.”

“I swear I’ve seen your name somewhere before… Oh, that’s right, you’re on the Naughty and Nice List!”

” Do you know what you remind me of? A candy cane: nice curves and super sweet!”

“I think you’re cute, here’s my number… the snowball is in your court.”

“I bet you have all the boys/girls out here asking you to rock around the Christmas tree with them!”

“Baby, it’s cold outside, but I’d still really love it if we could chill together sometime.”

“If I put you on my Christmas list, do you think Santa would deliver?”

Best Flirty christmas text

“I’d like to get into the Spirit of the Season by sliding into your DMs…”

“What are the chances of you hanging your stocking up at my place this year?”

“You look like the type of guy/girl that makes a person happy to land on the naughty list.”

“What’s a gift like you doing so far away from the Christmas Tree?”

“This is the Season to spend a little time together, don’t you think?”

“The question is: “Can I be your Christmas present?” I’ll be wrapped up in a bow and in your arms.”

“In other words, feel free to crawl through my chimney at any time.”

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