Wordle 22 July 2022

Players broadcast their findings all over social media and the game’s simplicity has made Wordle a huge success. You have six chances to figure out the five-letter American English word.

The word’s letters aren’t shown to you at first, but as you make guesses, the tiles change color, revealing more information. Gray, yellow, or green are the possible colors for the tiles.

It’s best to avoid guessing any letters that are grey because they aren’t in the word at all, so don’t do it again.

Even while it appears in your word, it’s not in the location you have it in right now, as indicated by a yellow underline. If you’ve guessed the proper letter and placed it in the correct area, you’ll see green!

Wordle 22 July 2022

Every guess you make must incorporate any previously predicted letters from the previous row in order to progress in the game’s “hard level.”

Using this mode will prevent you from figuring out a word that contains all of the possible letters in order to solve a Wordle when there are many answers available. To make things easier, you can always turn it off at any time.

Word Hints

Wordle 22 July 2022

Do you think you’ll be able to guess with a few more clues? Here you are.

  • It has no vowels in it.
  • There is a single letter that is the same.
  • A noun it is.
  • “date” and “rendezvous” are examples of synonyms.

Today’s Wordle Answer #398

Wordle 22 July 2022

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