Wordle 20 June 2022

Wordle Word Today 20, June 2022: Wordle Word Hints and Today’s Answer


You will find all of the answers to the daily quest for Wordle 366 on June 20, 2022, in this post. This is a popular anagram game that you may play on the New York Times website.

The game is intended for players who are strapped for time and can only play once each day. Because you only have one day to find one word.

If you’ve completed five trials and are still stumped as to what to write in the sixth, check this page for the answer of the day.

This article will condense all of the pertinent facts in order to provide you with all you require to solve the problem.

Wordle 366 June 20, 2022 Answers :

Wordle 20 June 2022

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How to Play Wordle

The concept behind Wordle is simple: you have six chances to choose the word of the day.

For each word you enter into the five-letter matrix, the game provides you with clues based on the letters of your words.

The on-screen keyboard will keep track of the letters you typed, indicating if they are missing or whether they are used in the word of the day to some extent.

Depending on how much you’ve ruled out or accurately estimated, the game can become easier or more difficult, so you’ll have to work with what you’ve got.

As a result, if you punch out all five vowels in the English alphabet in your first two attempts, you’ll nearly likely earn a tip. With a few exceptions, such as Y acting as a vowel, every five-letter English word has at least one vowel.

Wordle 20 June 2022

AUDIO, ADIEU, and OUIJA are popular starters since they delete five vowels in one go. It almost invariably produces a yellow colour.

Others have used the first three methods to rule out 15 different letters in the alphabet. Using the phrases ZEBRA, QUITS, and MOLDY as your first three plays is a fantastic idea.

All vowels, as well as additional difficult-to-use letters like Q, Y, and Z, are removed.