Wordle 16 June 2022

In Wordle, getting to 167 days since the beginning of the year is no easy accomplishment. Congratulations if you’ve kept a streak going for this long! Getting a few clues here and there is nothing to be ashamed about, especially when you’re on a streak like this. This is a rather difficult term, so it’s understandable if you need some help. Here are some hints and the June 16 Wordle answer.

Hints for Wordle June 16

Here are some suggestions to help you figure out today’s Wordle answer:

  • This word denotes being the first or best at something.
  • This word has a consonant as its first letter.
  • This word has a vowel at the end of it.
  • This word is made up of two vowels.
  • There are no letters that appear twice.
  • This word is made up of two syllables.

Wordle 16 June 2022

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The Wordle 361 Answer

If you still don’t know the solution, scroll past the image.

The answer to the Wordle of June 16 is PRIMO.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a word guessing game in which players have six chances to guess the word of the day. Every guessed word must have five letters and be in the English language. Since its creation, the game has grown in popularity to the point where the New York Times purchased it from its developer.

Wordle 16 June 2022

To play the game, simply try to guess the word within the five boxes. A green boxed letter indicates that you have the correct letter in the correct location in the word. If you receive a yellow boxed letter, it signifies you have a letter in the word but it’s in the wrong place. A grey boxed word signifies the letter isn’t in the word at all.

If you can’t get enough of only one attempt every day, try some other Wordle games!

The New York Times’ website now offers Wordle for free.

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