Wordle 13 June 2022

Don’t get discouraged by the last several days of Wordle, which may have jeopardized your streaks. Who uses words like GIRTH and PIETY on a daily basis? Regardless, our helpful recommendations will assist you in maintaining your streaks and high records. Here are your hints and the answer to the June 13 Wordle.

Hints for Wordle June 13

Here are some suggestions to assist you in solving today’s Wordle puzzle.

  • This is the antonym of the sink.
  • Depending on how it’s used, it might be a noun or a verb.
  • This word has two vowels in it.
  • The first letter of this word is a consonant.
  • This is a one-syllable word.
  • There are no letters that appear twice.

Wordle 13 June 2022

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Toady’s Wordle 358 Answer

If the hints above are insufficient or you simply want the answer, it will be published below.

The solution to the Wordle from June 13 is FLOAT.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a free browser-based game where you have six chances to guess what the word of the day is for individuals who aren’t on social media. You must enter five-letter English words, but the game will provide you with clues based on the letters you used.

Wordle 13 June 2022

Based on three colors, it will tell you if each letter in the word of the day is in the word of the day. A letter in green indicates that it is present in the word of the day and is in the proper place. A yellow letter indicates that it exists but is required somewhere else in the term.

Grey letters indicate that they do not exist in the word. As a result, you should remember not to do it again in later attempts. You can create new terms with different letters to get more greens or yellows or to eliminate any unnecessary ones to make the game easier.

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