Wordle 13 july 2022

To find today’s Daily Wordle #389 July 13, 2022 Answers, you are in the right place. The latest Internet craze appears to be a simple daily word puzzle that has swept Twitter by surprise.

Many Wordle players boast about their daily accomplishments by posting “Wordle in 4” or “Wordle in 5,” indicating that they were able to complete the day’s Wordle problem in fewer than four or five steps. Wordle. gg now offers multilingual online Wordle play.

Word Hints

Wordle 13 july 2022
  • Are you in need of some help? You’ll find it here.
  • It has only one vowel in it.
  • Not a single letter has been used twice.
  • A noun can be used as an adjectival noun
  • ‘boring’ and ‘dull’ are examples of synonyms.

Daily Wordle #389 (July 13, 2022) Answers


It’s up To You Where and How You Want to Do It

Wordle 13 july 2022

Currently, Wordle may only be accessed online. You can see it by going to www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle and typing in your URL there. Every square in a Wordle grid can be 5 by 6 pixels wide.

A five-letter word must be entered in order to find the answer because each box can only store one letter, Mashable reports.

Because there are no clues in the first paragraph, this may be any five-letter word. After that, the actual Wordle game begins.

The colour of the box adjacent to each letter changes as you make guesses. If a letter appears in the daily word list and glows green, it has been correctly inserted.

There is a letter out there, but it is not where it is supposed to be. When the letter’s box turns grey, you know it’s not in the world.

Wordle 13 july 2022

The same riddle is solved by everyone every day, which is bizarre. According to some, Wordle utilizes US English spellings instead of British English spellings. When the word to guess one day was “favor,” numerous Wordle gamers in the UK reacted angrily.

The official Wordle app will be available in the near future, according to the company’s plans. Try to guess one five-letter word per day online until you get it.

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