Wordle 12 July 2022

There are no Daily Wordle #388 (July 12, 2022) Answers at this time. Please check again later. The latest Internet craze appears to be a simple daily word puzzle that has swept Twitter by surprise.

Many Wordle players boast about their daily accomplishments by posting “Wordle in 4” or “Wordle in 5,” indicating that they were able to complete the day’s Wordle problem in fewer than four or five steps.

Over at Wordle. gg, you can now play Wordle in a variety of different languages. –

Word Hints

Wordle 12 July 2022
  • What’s the matter? Here you have it.
  • One vowel is present in this word.
  • There aren’t any letters that are identical.
  • You can think of it as a noun.
  • ‘Dark’ and ‘Evening’ are two synonyms for this time of day.

Today’s Wordle Answer #388


There Has Been an Update to New York Times Games’ Wordle

Wordle 12 July 2022

The first step is to choose a Wordle word. To qualify as an English phrase, it must have at least five letters, and cannot be one of the words that are prohibited by NYTs because of their potential for offending.

Using the term you’ve chosen, finish the webpage. The first stage is to fill up the first row of a 56-cell grid.

The color of the letterbox will change if the key is inserted. Alternative: The green characters are exactly where they should be! It’s only that the word’s yellow characters aren’t where they should be.

There will be no mention of these dreadful villains in the response. Each player can now make an additional guess. a new puzzle is created at 12:00 p.m. local time every day.

Wordle 12 July 2022

If you often use the same computer and browser, Wordle’s menu may show your user data. In the app’s statistics section, you can see your winning streak, your guess distribution, and much more.

Colors of the 56 Wordle grid can be shared using the spoiler-free option in this menu. To access the Wordle menu, click the graph icon in the upper right corner of the page or select it from the list that shows after each task is completed.

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