Wordle 1 August 2022

As of August 1, 2022, Wordle’s answer, 408 has been confirmed. Players that are familiar with the term should be able to answer today’s question without difficulty.

It’s a less common term that doesn’t have any difficult duplication, but it’s a rarer word nonetheless.

Do you need some advice? Positions 2 and 3 are both vowels in today’s word. Is there anything else I can do for you? Read on to learn Wordle’s 408th puzzle answer.

What Is the Wordle Answer 408? (August 1, 2022)

Wordle 1 August 2022

It’s now “QUART” in Wordle answer 408.

When used in the context of poker, the term QUART can refer to a “unit of liquid capacity equal to a quarter of a gallon or two pints,” “a unit of dry capacity similar to about 1.10 liters,” “the fourth of eight parrying places,” or “a sequence of four cards of the same suit” (in piquet). (Oxford Languages defines these terms)

Finding the “QU” pair is the most difficult part of “QUART.” While hitting the “Q” is rare, when it does, it should be easy to see where the “U” goes.

When compared to other possible letter combinations, the “-ART” component of the word isn’t that difficult from there.

In order to eliminate as many wrong letters as possible, those who are having difficulty determining the correct word may want to attempt this approach.

You should try to eliminate as many potential letters as possible with each new guess unless you’re playing on Hard Mode, which requires you to use just confirmed guesses.

Wordle Hint August 1, 2022

Wordle 1 August 2022

To help you continue your winning run with today’s Wordle, we’ve provided a few hints.

This option is also available for those who don’t want to make the process too straightforward.

  • Consonant-heavy from beginning to end.
  • The sentence is punctuated with a vowel.
  • This crossword’s only got one vowel (A, E, I, O, U)
  • There is a repeating letter in one of the phrase’s words.
  • Y is not used as a vowel in our hints, despite the fact that it is commonly used as one.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle 1 August 2022

Wordle is a simple game of word association that may be played by anyone. Accurately guessing a five-letter word in the quickest possible time is the purpose of the game.

As each letter is illuminated by the proper forecast, it will appear in either green or yellow, depending on its location. They’re the letters that don’t present in the solution word, hence they aren’t highlighted in this list.

Identifying which letters are present and in what positions can help you narrow down the correct term using the advice provided here.

Visit Wordle’s website to learn more about it. You’ll have to wait until the next Wordle puzzle is released each day if you want to play again.

How Did Wordle Begin?

Wordle 1 August 2022

Software engineer Josh Wardle came up with the idea for Wordle as a way to keep his family entertained while he worked on his computer.

Their simple guessing game took on a new dimension when they discovered that there was a pandemic going around.

On Wordle’s website, Power Language, Wordle has launched it after a final polish.

After its launch in October of that year, the game boasts two million daily users.

The simplicity with which players may publish their results on Twitter and other social networking sites without disclosing any spoilers made it instantly popular on the internet.

The New York Times made a seven-figure offer to buy Wordle from Wardle in January 2022. Congratulations, Mr. Wardle, on your promotion. The work you’ve done so far is quite impressive.

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