TikTok is a veritable treasure trove of fascinating content, as those who are dependent on the social media site are all too aware. In-depth knowledge of specialized subjects, funny comedy, and gorgeous baby animals are all available in bite-sized films.

It can also answer queries you had never fully considered, including: Why is the penis shaped like a mushroom? Actually, yes.

Penis mushroom-shaped became a popular Google search term in April 2022, seemingly out of nowhere. After considerable investigation, we were able to determine the reason why so many people became suddenly interested in the design of a human penis’ tip, as well as the correct response.

Why does the penis resemble a mushroom?

Competition for impregnation is the only factor that accounts for the mushroom morphology. In other words, the shape of human penises is like a mushroom, allowing them to scoop up the semen of rivals. Their semen has a higher likelihood of fertilizing an egg in this manner.

But don’t take it from us; genuine researchers have examined the human penis’s form. Just that was done in a 2003 study under the direction of State University of New York Professor Gordon Gallup.

Why Is A Penis Tip Shape Like A Mushroom? Exposing A Recent Tiktok Trend!

The study states that the human penis, which differs from that of many other primates in having a significantly larger glans and a more prominent coronal ridge, “may operate to displace seminal fluid from competing males in the vagina by driving it back over/under the glans.” Next is this:

“Repeated thrusting during a sexual act would draw out and push foreign semen away from the cervix. As a result, if a female copulated with multiple males quickly, the other males may “scoop up” the semen that the first guy had dropped before ejaculating.”

The penis is formed like a mushroom to help the male have a higher chance of conceiving by removing competing semen from the vagina before ejaculation. Baby, it’s science.

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All OK, but why are so many people interested in the morphology of the human penis in connection to a tasty fungus? Like many popular themes in the year 2022, it all began on TikTok.

A user by the name of Seth Bob made a TikTok video that has received over 1.2 million views so far. It opens with a second stitched video that asks, “Have you ever Googled why the tip of the penis is mushroom-shaped?” while displaying groaning emojis.

Seth intervenes at that point to provide an example. (Don’t worry; there is absolutely no nudity in his explanation, but it still provides a fantastic visual for those with an interest.)

Why Is A Penis Tip Shape Like A Mushroom? Exposing A Recent Tiktok Trend!

Seth slips a pipe into a coil containing a white liquid as the text on the video says, “Decided to Google it and demonstrate for y’all.” “We now have a chance for when you’re batting second thanks to evolution. The old has to go, and the new has to come.”

Also quite entertaining in the comments section. One TikTok user remarked, “As disgusting as it is, that’s incredibly remarkable because it’s true.”

Another participant added: “Yes! In high school, I learned this. The strongest will survive.”

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Another person stated, “My spouse has been struggling with himself for quite some time then.

If you scroll for a while, you could even discover something new about other species’ penises. And yet another guy said, “Dragonflies are considerably more aggressive with it and have scrubbers that perform the same job.

Seth responded by saying, “I’ll need to learn more about that as well. Did you know that cats have barbs on them? I do today.”

You are also aware now.

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