Who Is Lady Gaga Dating

Lady Gaga has found a new love interest. After breaking up with talent agent Christian Carino and having a brief relationship with audio engineer Dan Horton, the singer is now dating entrepreneur Michael Polansky.

After Super Bowl weekend in 2020, Gaga made her new man Instagram-official, uploading a selfie of them cuddling up together in Miami just days after rumours of their romance first surfaced.

Who Is Lady Gaga Dating

So, who is the thief of Lady Gaga’s heart? A few fundamentals are listed here.

He’s the executive director of the Parker Foundation.

Polansky and Sean Parker, who co-founded huge Internet companies including Napster and Facebook, co-founded the nonprofit. According to its website, the group, which was founded in 2015, promotes philanthropic endeavours in life sciences, global public health, civic participation, and the arts. He also serves on the board of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy in San Francisco, which funds cancer research.

He’s a Harvard grad.

According to Page Six, which broke the news of Polansky’s romance with Lady Gaga, he studied applied mathematics and computer science at Harvard University. Polansky graduated in 2006, according to his LinkedIn profile, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Who Is Lady Gaga Dating

He was first linked with Gaga around New Year’s Eve.

Polansky and the singer had reportedly been dating for weeks before their relationship became public; they were even photographed kissing on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, although the philanthropy was unknown at the time. “They’ve been dating since before the holidays, and she’s completely smitten with him,” a source told E! News.

“They’ve been out and about in Los Angeles and spending a lot of time at her place,” the insider continued. They don’t want to be [separated] since she takes him everywhere she goes.”

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They showed lots of PDAs in Miami.

After they were caught kissing on a balcony in Miami during Super Bowl weekend, the buzz surrounding Gaga and Polansky grew. According to Page Six, the pop sensation was in town for a concert on Saturday, and Polansky was seen in the VIP section with Gaga’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta, during the show.

Who Is Lady Gaga Dating

The duo was even seen exiting the game at Hard Rock Stadium together on the night of the Super Bowl. Gaga clinched the deal with an Instagram post on her love life. She wrote, “We had so much fun in Miami.”

His ex wrote an op-ed about his new relationship.

Lindsay Crouse, a senior staff writer at The New York Times Opinion section, wrote a piece about finding out that Polansky, her longstanding ex-boyfriend, was dating a Grammy-winning singer. She admits that they dated for “all of college, and then a couple more years.” Crouse does not follow Polansky on social media, but she claims he blocked her on Facebook following their split. She, on the other hand, harbours no animosity for Lady Gaga.

She writes, “Lady Gaga is wonderful.” “Comparing yourself to her is extremely motivating, and I encourage you to try it regardless of how you feel about the guy she’s dating.”

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Gaga is “really into him,” obviously.

Who Is Lady Gaga Dating

Gaga is head over heels in love, as evidenced by her adoring Instagram selfies. Weeks after the relationship was revealed, a source told E! News, “She’s very into him!” Polansky and Gaga are “opposites of each other, which is a fantastic thing for her all-around.” “He clearly cares a lot about Gaga,” the person continued. There’s no drama to be found here!

Could “Stupid Love” be about him?

Gaga reiterated the romantic (I guess?) title in a caption for a new selfie with Polansky a week after releasing her track, “Stupid Love,” in a caption for a new selfie with Polansky: “I’ve got a STUPID love.” It’s unknown when Gaga penned the song or if it’s genuinely about her new boyfriend, but the lyrics definitely convey a message about finally finding the right person after a long search. The first verse reads as follows:

You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for
Gotta quit this crying, nobody’s gonna
Heal me if I don’t open the door
Kinda hard to believe, gotta have faith in me

Who is Lady Gaga Dating

He’s “the love of [Gaga’s] life” and is assisting her with charity work.

The diva quickly gushed over her partner while speaking with Morning Joe about mental health and wellness as she addressed an exciting new endeavour. “With the Born This Way Foundation, my mother, Cynthia Germanotta, and our co-founder Maya [Enista Smith], whom I adore so much—they’re working with my, the love of my life on something for mental health,” Gaga added, according to People. She added that they’re working on a dialectical behavioural therapy-inspired software called Braver.

Days later, during the broadcast of One World: Together at Home, a benefit programme for frontline workers fighting the coronavirus that Gaga helped curate, the singer thanked Polansky for her assistance in raising money.

Who is Lady Gaga Dating

He rang in Chromatica with a dance party.

Polansky and Gaga celebrated the release of her long-awaited sixth album with a dance party that followed social distancing rules: it was only the two of them, indoors, wearing masks. The couple’s backdrop was lettered balloons spelling out the album title, with Gaga’s new song “911” playing in the background.

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Gaga enjoys cooking with him.

In an Instagram photo from August 2020, the singer showed off a substantial pasta lunch she made at home, implying that Polansky was present to enjoy it with her. Gaga captioned the photo, “Making dinner with love and some spicy Italian gravy,” and later added, “I adore connecting with my culture with someone I love.”

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