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Who Is Josh Flagg Dating? Everything You Need To Know!

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Has Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Josh Flagg already moved on from his husband Bobby Boyd? They did, however, buy a $9 million home together.

Following a five-year marriage, Flagg and Boyd announced their divorce. Flagg revealed a few weeks after the announcement that he had purchased a multi-million dollar home that he had been eyeing for years. But now, in a stunning reveal, Boyd has revealed that Flagg not only has a new boyfriend but he is also listed on the title of the new house.

Josh Flagg has a new boyfriend, Bobby Boyd says

Who Is Josh Flagg Dating

Josh Flagg recently revealed his new love interest.

The Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star re-shared a friend’s Instagram Story photo of the pair leaning in for a kiss at a restaurant, which appeared to confirm his relationship with Andrew Beyer.

In March, the 36-year-old luxury realtor announced his divorce from Bobby Boyd. Flagg confirmed to PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that same month that the split occurred months before the official announcements via Instagram — and that he was in a new relationship.

“I did start seeing someone after Bobby and I split,” Flagg admitted. “Because I was married, I wasn’t looking to date anyone. We didn’t go on a date until Bobby and I divorced.”

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Flagg has only been dating Beyer for a few months, but the two have known each other for five years, he previously told PEOPLE without revealing the identity of his new beau. It wasn’t until Flagg’s divorce that the two realized they had something more in common.

“It was a shared feeling. For a while, we were friends. It just happened naturally, you know “Flagg adds. “I really like him, and he’s a great guy.” At the time, he also confirmed that his new flame is “also in real estate.”

Beyer works for the Aaron Kirman Group, a Los Angeles-based real estate brokerage. Olivia Jade, a social media influencer, is a friend of the Los Angeles native. Last December, Beyer shared an Instagram picture with Lori Laughlin’s daughter.

Who Is Josh Flagg Dating

Flagg and Boyd, both 36, got engaged while on vacation in Paris in the summer of 2016. They married at the Beverly Hills Hotel in September of 2017.

Despite the fact that the two have broken up, it appears that they parted on good terms. In an Instagram statement, Boyd wrote, “Our romantic relationship may be over, but he will always be a part of my family. Joshua, I adore you and wish you only the best.”

“Being married four and a half years is a long time, maybe not the longest time, but that’s still a lot of memories,” Flagg told PEOPLE. “And it would be great to preserve those memories and be able to embrace them in a positive way in the future.”

Flagg has been busy with real estate transactions in addition to finding new love. He recently purchased a brand new 7,100-square-foot home in Beverly Hills for $9.2 million.

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Bobby Boyd claims to have bought the $9 million home as well.

Even more surprising was Boyd’s claim that he was involved in the purchase of the new home. When the reporter inquired about Flagg’s new residence, Boyd replied, “We bought a new house.” “You can look at the title, I’m working on it.” “No, but I wish him well, and I still love him a lot,” he continued.

Since he was a child, Flagg had had his eye on the house. “I’ve wanted to live in this house since I was a child.” “It hasn’t been on the market in nearly 60 years,” Flagg explained to People.

“It was actually an opportune time because a year ago when it was brought to my attention that the owners might consider selling, I was halfway through renovations on another house that I had hired and fired three contractors, architects, and fought with the city for nearly two years to build what I wanted,” he added.

“When this came across my desk, I immediately stopped everything and was determined to get this home,” Flagg continued. It’s always been one of my favorite properties in the Beverly Hills flats.”

Tracy Tutor shared one reason why the ‘Million Dollar Listing’ couple split

Flagg moved out of the couple’s home and had been living in the Beverly Hills Hotel for months, according to Tracy Tutor, which was one of the reasons the ‘Million Dollar Listing’ couple split. “For the past few months, Josh has been staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” a source told People. In 2017, the couple exchanged vows at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Tracy Tutor, Flagg’s Million Dollar Listing co-star, and close friend revealed one possible reason for the couple’s split. “I think Bobby wants a family, and Josh isn’t in that space right now,” she explained to People. “There’s nothing here that hasn’t already been seen on the show.” That’s all very real to me, and I’m not surprised. “I’m no longer surprised by anything.”

“[Josh] is one of my closest friends, and I adore him and Bobby,” she continued. Josh obviously confides in me, and he seems to be doing well. He, like Bobby, is holding on.”