Who Is Joe Locke Dating

Who Is Joe Locke Dating? Everything You Need to Know Is Right Here!

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Joe Locke is featured in Netflix’s wonderful series Heartstopper as one of the lead characters and breakout stars. Before beating out 10,000 other actors for the role of Charlie Spring, Locke was an unknown actor. Spring has no problems with being publicly gay, despite the fact that he was forced to do so, but he is concerned about his boyfriend’s desire to remain anonymous.

Spring flees his controlling boyfriend in order to explore his feelings for Nick (Kit Connor). Although Nick is heterosexual, he cannot deny his love for Charlie. The show explores his personal journey as well as other inspiring gay stories.

Fans have gotten interested in Joe Locke’s dating life after watching Charlie fall madly for Nick in Heartstopper.

Are “Heartstopper” Stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor Dating IRL?

Heartstopper, a new Netflix show about high school kids, is a teen drama. Joe Locke plays Charlie Spring, while Kit Connor plays Nick Nelson on the show. The show is based on the graphic novel series of the same name by writer Alice Oseman.

It follows Charlie, a 14-year-old boy, as he develops a love for popular rugby player Nick after the two forms a bond over whether or not doing homework on the way to maths is appropriate. It’s obviously lovely and wholesome, and at the end of the short eight episodes, you’ll feel as if you’ve been given a warm hug.

Charlie is no longer in school and has been bullied as a result, but he appears to have found a supportive buddy group that loves their movie nights and exchanges numerous DMs. This has a lot of on-screen messaging and watching people type, erase, redo, and re-delete their comments is tensely effective.

During recess, Charlie’s secret sort-of boyfriend, Ben, meets him in the library, but only when no one else is present. When Ben progresses from treating him coldly to getting a girlfriend and then insulting him when they’re together, Nick comes to his rescue, and their friendship grows into something more.

Who Is Joe Locke Dating

It looks great. It pays tribute to its roots as a visual novel with spurts of animation, particularly when emotions are running high. Cartoon lightning crackles between their hands, which are almost touching. As Charlie’s friend Elle wonders if she loves their other friend Tao, hearts appear in the air.

It seems to be a Hollyoaks reboot with an art school twist. Among Charlie’s friends, there are a few minor quarrels, but the spotlight is mostly on Charlie and Nick. The grownups are essentially non-existent, with the exception of a parent and Stephen Fry, who appears as the headteacher yelling over the Tannoy.

Joe and Kit also talked about their on-screen kiss during rehearsal during their interview with Attitude.

Joe stated in the interview, “I drank a lot of coffee, but I feel like that’s just part of me!” “I’d arrive on set and immediately order a coffee because I wouldn’t be able to operate.” “It did mean there was a handful of kissing situations where I was severely punished…” Kit says sarcastically.

Joe shouts, “This makes me sound like a jerk!” “I chewed gum!” “Ok, we need to rehearse this kissing scene,” Kit continues.

The two have unmistakable chemistry. As a result, many began to wonder if they were actually dating. Do Joe Locke and Kit Connor have a real-life relationship? To find out more, keep reading.

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Are “Heartstopper” Stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor Friends?

Who Is Joe Locke Dating

Joe Locke and Kit Connor, the actors of the film Heartstopper, are not dating. Their friendship and co-starship are all they are. Fans of the show began to track the performers and pay close attention to the specifics of their relationships.

Joe could be dating Sebastian Croft, according to his fans. When fans noticed that Joe and Sebastian were the cast members that shared a lot of photos with each other, rumors about their romance began to circulate. Following the release of two images, fans were left perplexed regarding their relationship status.

One of the photos is on Joe Locke’s Instagram account. The snapshot shows Joe and Sebastian wearing matching jackets, but there’s nothing in the photo that says they’re dating. The other image can be found on Sebastian Croft’s Instagram. Joe and Sebastian are seen holding hands and smiling at the camera. They do not appear to be a pair in the shot. Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft, for example, both appear to be single.

However, viewers adored their on-screen romance. They also read fan comments regarding the show as a token of their gratitude.

They’ve appeared on each other’s social media pages as well, but only as pals.

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Is Joe Locke Dating Kit Connor?

Who Is Joe Locke Dating

No, neither Kit nor Joe has announced publicly that they are dating, and there is no reason to suppose they aren’t.

The couple’s on-screen chemistry is most likely what has sparked viewers’ interest in their off-screen affair. Despite their tremendous capacity at portraying love flames, Netflix Life claims that the adept performers are merely buddies.

It’s unknown who Joe is dating beyond that, while Pop Buzz indicates that he’s good friends with Sebastian Croft, another of his Heartstopper co-stars who portrays Ben.

On the other hand, Kit Connor keeps his private life private. Private. Fans are unlikely to stop shipping them anytime soon, despite the fact that both of their social media sites state that they are single.