American housewife Candace Wheeler, aka Candy Montgomery. She was accused of killing her lover’s wife, Betty Gore. She used the axe, which was about 3 feet long, to strike Gore 41 times. This happened on June 13, 1980, in Whylie, Texas.

Candy had reached her 30th year at the time of the crime. Her husband, Pat Montgomery, was an electrical engineer. Her children included a son and a daughter. She was a faithful member of Lucas’s First United Methodist Church, just like every other Christian wife in the area.

Betty Gore Murder

where is candy wheeler now

Betty Gore, a kindergarten and first-grade teacher was discovered dead by her neighbors Lester Gaylor and Richard Parker. The axe used to murder her was taken from the Texas home where she was found along with her mutilated body and four of her children. So, what transpired?

After meeting Betty Gore at a church event, Candy and Betty became very good friends. She was married and had two kids with a man named Allan, with whom Candy had an affair.

When Gore’s spouse Allan was not around, things start to get nasty. When he called his wife and got no response, he asked the neighbors to try to make touch with her. Already too late, they broke into the house with force.

Betty’s disfigured body was found. Bethany(their daughter), who had been napping in her crib in the next room, woke up wailing. Evidence such as fingerprints and footprints left at the scene all lead to Candy. The 27th of June marked Candy’s apprehension.

Final Case Verdict

where is candy wheeler now

In October of 1980, Candy Montgomery went on trial for the murder of Betty Gore, claiming that she had acted in self-defense. Over the course of eight days in McKinney, the jury deliberated (9 women, 3 men).

Finally, on October 30, 1980, district judge Tom Ryan ruled that Candy Montgomery was not guilty of the crime. Rational humans were shocked by this verdict. As Candy left the courthouse after her acquittal, many protesters yelled, “Murderer! Murderer!” in response to the judgment.

Where is Candy Montgomery now?

where is candy wheeler now

Candy Montgomery, who is now 72 years old, apparently lives in Georgia after moving there shortly after the incident. Now going by her maiden name of Candace Wheeler, she retrained to become a mental health counselor.

Bustle claims that Montgomery resides and works in the Dawsonville region of Georgia. She has a profile on the website HealthGrades, which enables users to search for highly recommended doctors and therapists nearby.

The website cannot be viewed outside of the US. She also has a profile on CareDash, a different platform for medical services. She handles conditions like stress, anxiety, despair, grief, loss, and mental illness, among others, according to this profile.

Where are Betty Gore’s children today?

Alisa Gore, who now goes by the name Lisa, and her husband, John Harder, and their 
two sons are still based out of Kansas. Bethany has three kids and currently resides in 
Las Vegas, where she also works.

Where is Allan Gore Now?

where is candy wheeler now

The fact that Allan Gore revealed the specifics of his affair with Candy to the authorities before pretending that his divorce from his wife was amicable put their separation in the spotlight. The death of Betty deeply affected Allan.

From what we hear, he not only kept in touch with Candy for some time after the horrible occurrence but he also got remarried in the short time frame between the incident and the trial. The latest reports had Allan living in Sarasota, Florida, with a new domestic partner after going through a divorce and starting a new chapter in his life.

Where is Pat Montgomery Now?

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Pat Montgomery was said to have always supported his wife and the mother of his two gorgeous children since he thought her infidelity was superficial. As the family moved to Georgia to start a new life together, however, the relationship between the two partners began to deteriorate.

A short four years later, the couple reportedly divorced (around 1984). Pat has avoided the spotlight ever since, although he is widely believed to be using the name James now, despite being in his 70s.


Candy Montgomery, who is now 72 years old, apparently lives in Georgia after moving there shortly after the incident.

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