As the virus first spread, puzzles became popular online. Everyone’s favorite quick brainteasers are back to keep you engaged while you wait out the lockdown.

In 2022, a new riddle is sweeping the web, and it has everyone scratching their heads. Explain the “2 coins make 30 cents” conundrum. So, what’s the solution, exactly?

The Old “2 Cents Make a Quarter” Conundrum

The ‘2 coins make 20 cents’ puzzle is the most recent social media riddle to baffle the internet. Typically, the paradox will imply that…

I have two coins, and none of them is a nickel, but together they add out to thirty cents.
An important clue is to analyze the riddle’s construction.

Is There an Answer to This?

What Is The Answer To The '2 Coins Make 30 Cents' Riddle? Puzzle Solved!

To which I reply, here it is…

Two cents and a nickel.
I have no idea why. What follows is an explanation of everything.

Truth Behind the Public Enigma

The key to solving this conundrum, like with so many others, lies in the way it is phrased.

Common sense tells us that neither of these coins is a nickel.

However, the riddle specifies that only ONE of the coins cannot be a nickel, leaving the other options open.

When you know the solution, everything seems simple.

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