There Are Some Alternatives Now That The Original Taylordle Has Been Shut Down!

No, we weren’t prepared for it, to paraphrase Taylor Swift’s song “Are You Ready For It.” And when we say it, we’re talking about Taylordle’s doom. There is no longer a Taylor Swift-themed Wordle game that was accessible at

What Happened To Taylordle?

The Holy Swift podcast hosts Krista Doyle, Kelly Doyle, and Jessica Zaleski developed Taylordle, which was released in January 2022.

The rules of Taylordle were the same as those of Wordle as it appeared in The New York Times. Without any prior hints, players had to correctly guess the five-letter word of the day in no more than six attempts. The only distinction between the two games was a subtle hint to the singer of “Reputation” in Taylordle’s word choice.

The game’s creators announced the sad news on Twitter on June 26. They stated that they had to shut it down owing to time constraints and a lack of words. “Hey everyone.

The Original Taylordle Has Been Shut Down, but There Are Some Alternatives

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Taylordle is not our full-time job, as most of you are aware, therefore there aren’t many appropriate phrases we haven’t already used in the past five to six months “read the tweet.

The website for Taylordle would now redirect to the Lilith Fund, the tweet continued.

Taylor has previously expressed support for The Lilith Fund, which is established in Texas and helps raise money for women who require abortions in the state. She used Twitter to express her opinions after the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade.

New Versions of Taylordle Are Available, but The Words Have More Letters

There are still alternate versions of the game available even though the original Taylordle has stopped down.

Users can still use their Taylor expertise on and on a daily basis. The main drawback is that these games need players to predict terms with somewhere between four and eight letters because there aren’t many Taylor-related five-letter words accessible.

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Although some Swifties have been tweeting links about these new games, they don’t appear to be as well-liked as the original Taylordle.

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