On TikTok, there are several everyday items with secret significance.

For instance, did you realize that the varnish on your nails may be conveying a secret message?

If your nails are painted blue, it signifies you’re in a committed relationship, and if they are painted white, you are single.

Soda Tabs are the newest item to acquire a strange connotation. If you’re still not sure what they imply, we’ll explain it all right now.

Tiktok Users Are Discontinuing Their Soda Tabs

What Do Soda Can Tabs On Tiktok Mean

Have you considered taking the soda can’s tab off? We have not, either.

Coke cans are typically thrown in the trash after they have been consumed.

But as a result of TikTok’s most recent viral craze, individuals are removing the soda tabs.

Because each form of the tab has a distinct meaning, pulling it off is highly important. Discover more below.

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Every One of Them Has a Different Meaning.

Depending on the beverage you consumed, there are three possible ways to look at the metal as you break off your soda tab. Each one conveys a distinct meaning.

There is a large hole at the top of every soda tab in existence. You must, however, pay attention to the bottom one.

The bottom of the soda tab either features a large hole that says “hug,” a semicircle with a smaller hole underneath it that says “kiss,” or just a semicircle hole that says “sex.”

For instance, if you get the Pepsi tab marked “kiss,” it signifies you’ll get a kiss from someone you like soon.

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Also, Soda Tab Necklaces Are Being Made by People

What Do Soda Can Tabs On Tiktok Mean

People are currently creating soda tab necklaces, which is another massive TikTok trend.

They are really simple to create. It only requires breaking off a Coke tab and attaching it to a chain, but what does that mean?

You’ll be relieved to learn that there is no hidden meaning to this, though. People are imitating a character from the Outer Banks Netflix series.

The latest TikTok fashion accessory is the soda tab necklace, which Madelyn Cline’s character Sarah wears in Season 2 of the program.

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