Kanye West purchased a home next to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

According to TMZ, the mansion has five bedrooms, 3,650 square feet of space, and costs $4.5 million.

Strange rumors about Kanye being seen in the bushes outside of Kim’s house are currently trending on social media, but are they true? Find out by reading on.

Kanye Rumor Debunked as Fake

Tweets about Kanye being seen hiding in the bushes spying on Kim’s house flooded Twitter after Kanye purchased his new property close to her.

Even a picture that claims to depict Kanye disguised as a green bush on the internet is becoming viral.

One user said on Twitter that it was “sooo awkwardly hilarious lol” to see Bro Kanye lurking in the bushes while dressed as a bush.

Another person remarked, “I want someone, as obsessed as Kanye, is hidden in Kim’s bushes.

Was Kanye West actually skulking in the bushes today? asked a third individual.

It’s all fake news, though, because Kanye was never truly seen ducking into some bushes.

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How the Rumors Started

The fabricated narrative started when an Instagram account going by the name of @rapstreet.tv posted a picture of a man on the street dressed as a bush and claimed it was Kanye.

You can see from the profile that it only has 2,000 followers and that it frequently posts absurd rumors about different celebrities. The Kanye story is thus obviously false.

They captioned the unusual photo, “Breaking: DRAMA unfolds outside Kim Kardashian’s house after Kanye West was spotted hiding in bushes.”

“It is being remote that earlier this morning the cops were called to Kim Kardashian’s home after Kanye West was spotted hiding in the bushes outside the property,” they continued in the caption.

On social media, neither party has spoken, but some claim that Pete Davidson was present when the event occurred. They continued, “Y’all think Kanye went too far or not?”

Although Kanye wasn’t hidden in the bushes or the police were never summoned to Kim’s residence, many people were tricked by the post.

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Hypothesis Reappears Amid Kanye Drama

Was Kanye West Really the Person Hiding in The Bushes Outside Kim's House?

Following the rapper’s most recent social media outburst in February 2022, pictures of Kanye cowering in the bushes have gone viral once more.

Ye published a lot of screenshots of their personal text exchanges on Instagram this week.

Despite the fact that she had filed for divorce almost a year earlier, in February 2021, he also gave the 41-year-old a truckload of roses on Valentine’s Day.

Following the harassing posts, false reports that Kanye was hidden in the bushes started spreading over the internet, and the same pictures started trending on Twitter once more.

Kanye didn’t follow Kim outside her house, and the pictures are phoney. Ye later expressed regret for posting the texts on Instagram. She wrote:

“I am aware that sending Kim screenshots was off-putting and came off as stalking. I accept responsibility. I’m still actively learning right now. I don’t know every solution. Being a good listener is a quality of a good leader.

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