Another day, another popular TikTok song: More art feat. The #FoodDance sound is what is making IHI so popular on the app, but the song’s English version seems to be somewhat explicit.

The song has been incorporated numerous times. TikTok user @JohnMcginnis36 has amassed millions of views for his videos in which he eats meals covered in the hot sauce while dancing to the music.

The same Russian music is featured in all three of the most popular videos on his TikTok profile, which have a combined 293 million views. On trend, other verified creators have been recreating John’s videos and dance routines. Lizzo herself did it.

The song’s exact meaning, though, has now been disclosed by Russian TikTok users and those who speak the language, and, uhhhh, well… it’s quiet.

What do the lyrics to ” уду еат” mean? The English translation of the song showed.

Well, all you need to know about the song’s title is to simply visit Google Translate. The loose translation of ” уду еат” is “I shall f*ck.”

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The song’s lyrics have been translated and shared by TikTokers, who have called attention to the song’s disturbing and explicit nature. The majority of translations also seem to concur that the song’s predominant mumbling makes it difficult to translate it clearly.

Viral Tiktok Song Moreart Feat Ihi Ya Budu Ebat

“I will fck and sculpt the content / I will finish off, as if “comeback” / Bitch will grasp my slang and style / I will fck like tenge dollars” appears to be the most often accepted translation. (Kazakhstan’s national currency is the tenge.)

I also work with my hands like a gynecologist, according to the song’s lyrics as translated on Later in the song, the line “I’m like Trump, Trump, Trump” makes another allusion to Donald Trump.

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Song by Tiktok Becomes Viral

Viral Tiktok Song Moreart Feat Ihi Ya Budu Ebat

The TikTok content creator @JohnMcginnis36, who has received millions of views on each of his posts including the song, is mostly responsible for its viral success. Most of his videos feature him eating food while dancing to music and drizzling hot sauce on it.

Along with Lizzo, who added her own spin to the video, Nick Aufmann has capitalized on the craze by remaking John’s.

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