The Last Kingdom Season 6: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

The Last Kingdom Season 6: Release Date Confirmed or Cancelled!


The Last Kingdom is a television series set in the United Kingdom that is based on historical fiction. The audience reacted favorably.

On IMDb, it has a rating of 8.5 out of ten. Action, drama, and history abound in The Last Kingdom. Let’s find out everything there is to know about The Last Kingdom’s sixth season.

Uhtred, born a Saxon but later raised by Vikings, aspires to claim his ancestral birthright in the series The Last Land, as Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders.

Bernard Cornwell’s historical novel series The Saxon Stories is the inspiration for the series The Last Kingdom. Stephen Butchard created the television show The Last Kingdom.

Eliza Butterworth, Arnas Fedaravicius, and Alexander Dreymon star in The Last Kingdom. Jon East, Edward Bazalgette, Peter Hoar, Andy Hay, Paul Wilmshurst, Anthony Byrne, Ben Chanan, Nick Murphy, Jamie Donoughue, and Richard Senior were among those who directed it.

The Last Kingdom Season 6

Lydia Adetunji, Stephen Butchard, Bernard Cornwell, Jamie Crichton, Laura Grace, Martha Hillier, Peter McKenna, Sophie Petzal, James Smythe, Alexander Stewart, Alex Straker, Ben Vanstone, and Charlotte Wolf all contributed to the story.

Stephen Butchard, Nigel Marchant, and Gareth Neame served as executive producers for The Last Kingdom. Ben Murphy directed the film.

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Last Kingdom each have eight episodes. Seasons 3 through 5 of The Last Kingdom each have ten episodes.

The amount of episodes in Season 6 of The Last Kingdom has yet to be announced. It is expected to have ten episodes in all. Let’s see how things progress.

The Last Kingdom’s episodes are between 50 and 59 minutes long. Carnival Film and Television was in charge of producing it. On BBC Two and Netflix, the series The Last Kingdom has debuted.

Date of Release for The Last Kingdom Session 6

The Last Kingdom Season 6

Season 6 of The Last Kingdom has yet to be given a firm release date, while Season 5 is set to premiere on March 9, 2022. Many viewers have been won over by the series’ characters and its engaging storyline. The results of Season 5 may, however, determine when the next season is released.

Season 6’s release date is unknown, although based on past seasons’ release dates, it may take a year, with a release date in 2023. Let us all wait for the premiere of Season 6 together until then!

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The Last Kingdom Season 6: Story

The Last Kingdom Season 6

Netflix has decided to make the remaining books in Cornwell’s series into movies rather than television episodes in place of season 6 of The Last Kingdom. Filming for Seven Kings Must Die began on January 31, according to the official Twitter account of The Last Kingdom.

The movie is scheduled to run for two hours and thirty minutes. Seven Kings Must Die will be based on the final three Saxon Stories novels, War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord, all of which are now in production, according to Netflix. At this time, no details regarding the actors have been published, though Alexander Dreymon’s role as Uhtred is expected to be reprised. The film’s release date has yet to be announced by Netflix, but it is expected to hit theatres in the first half of 2023, according to the studio.

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The Last Kingdom Season 6 Cast

The Last Kingdom Season 6

We all understand how crucial casting is to a film’s or series’ success. Some cast members never fail to captivate us. So, here’s a list of potential cast members:

  • Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred
  • Emily Cox as Brida
  • Millie Brady as Aethelflaed
  • Eliza Butterworth as Aelswith
  • Timothy Innes as King Edward
  • Arnas Fedaravicius as Sihtric
  • Mark Rowley as Finan
  • Finn Elliot as Young Uhtred
  • Ruby Hartley as Sierra
  • Ewan Mitchell as Osforth

Season 6 trailer for The Last Kingdom

Sorry, no trailer for Season 6 of The Last Kingdom is available at this time. However, you can watch the season trailer below.