Strong alliances and a few houseguests who were kicked out for reasons that fans may never fully comprehend marked the beginning of Big Brother’s 24th season. Who ultimately prevailed in Big Brother 24?

There can only be one true winner in the game, even if the majority of the participants will probably go on to land endorsement deals and Instagram ad contracts. And if you watched the Sept. 25 conclusion, you already know what transpired.

Who won “Big Brother 24,” then?

Taylor won Big Brother 24 despite the fact that she had very few supporters at the beginning of the season. Think about that for a minute. The former beauty queen who was frequently up for eviction and who had to fight tenaciously for any attention in the game ended up winning the entire season. We don’t know what else to call that if that isn’t a wild come-up.

In the finale, Monte had to make a decision after winning the final round of the Head of Household competition. Turner or Taylor might accompany him to the last two. Furthermore, Monte’s choice was a complete mystery due to his final two agreements and affiliations with both house guests.

Now that we know, Monte chooses Taylor. But Monte may be in a totally different situation right now if he had picked Turner instead. As in, he could be worth $750,000 more. Turner caused a lot of controversies, and if the jury had to choose between him and Monte, they might have gone with Monte.

Was Taylor’s Victory in “Big Brother 24” Undisputed?

The fact that Taylor is the first Black woman to win Big Brother 24 and that she overcame a poor performance early in the season make her victory a historic event. She did not, however, defeat Monte by a unanimous vote. But Taylor had all but one vote in her favor and only needed five to win.

big brother 24 winner

In addition, Taylor is not only the other housemates’ and America’s favorite player. Taylor not only won Big Brother 24, but also America’s Favorite Player, a vote that is exclusively open to viewers.

Before successfully forging the powerful Leftovers alliance, Taylor had to endure abuse and exclusion from a few other players early in the season.

Taylor fought for her position in the home after that.

Big Brother’s 24th season had plenty of surprises, scheming, and, regrettably, bullying. But Taylor conquered everything, and in the process, she made history.

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