Prime Video confirmed the second season of Jack Reacher not long after the first season was a smash sensation.

In the wake of Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Jack Reacher, the series brought Lee Child’s character back to life.

Reacher is now available on Prime Video as a TV show, thus the displays are a little smaller than they were previously.

Despite this, Reacher is now more popular than ever because of Alan Ritchson’s starring role in the new film adaptation.

The Titans star, at 6 feet 2 inches, is closer to Reacher’s towering 6 feet 5 inches than he appears in the books, and he makes full use of his height in season one.

What about the second season of Reacher? After this, what can we expect from Amazon’s upcoming adaptation? Join us as we break down everything you need to know about Reacher season two on Prime Video. Get your reading glasses out.

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Reacher Season 2 Release Date

Reacher Season 2

No official release date has been announced for the second season of Reacher, but we do know that it is coming after Amazon announced its arrival shortly following the premiere of Season 1.

This suggests that Alan Ritchson’s interpretation of the role will definitely return, but it may take some time because the season hasn’t yet been recorded. The show will begin production in the latter half of 2022, as confirmed by Ritchson himself via a Tweet about it.

It was previously reported that the show would shoot two seasons back-to-back for the sake of efficiency so that the third season would arrive sooner, but Amazon has yet to confirm this.

No matter what happens, the most likely time for the release of season two is in early 2023, which is the same timeframe as the first season.

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Reacher Season 2 Cast: Who Is Returning for Reacher Season 2?

Reacher Season 2

Malcolm Goodwin’s Finley, Willa Fitzgerald’s Roscoe, and Harvey Guillén’s Jasper were among the cast members of the first season of Reacher.

There’s a good chance that Alan Ritchson will be the only cast member to return, given how the finale ended.

Ritchson took to Instagram to express her surprise at the swift renewal of Reacher for a second season:

“Whoaaaaaa!!! Wow, this is fantastic! I, on the other hand, find myself dumbfounded, unlike Reacher. #ReacheronPrime has already been one of the most watched series on @primevideo in only our inaugural weekend! That’s completely out of control.

“This show would not be what it is today without the contributions of countless individuals. But if you didn’t like Reacher’s universe, all the brilliant ideas and undying dedication of the people behind it would be for naught. Thank you so much for everything.”

Reacher Season 2

Frances Neagley, Reacher’s former Army subordinate, is one of the few characters to return to the novels between stories. On May 18, Deadline reported that Maria Sten will be returning for the sequel to her acclaimed series.

When it comes to future episodes, it’s feasible that Maxwell Jenkins may return as Young Reacher, but the production team may decide to replace him if they want to show more of Reacher’s boyhood in season two if he ages too quickly.

To be honest, it’s unlikely that Lee Child will offer us any more backstory on Reacher now that the basics have been covered (save for the books set during his military stint).

The young actor has high hopes for his future on the hit show. “Lee Child has created an extraordinary world with his Jack Reacher novels,” Jenkins said in a Pop Culture interview.

“The authors, directors, and principal actors, led by Nick Santora, have done an excellent job adapting it for the screen, and I believe that the audience has noticed and appreciated this. Why are these books so well-loved?

“The tales are gripping. It’s a blast traveling with each of these individuals. I’m honored to be a minor part of such an incredible series, and I hope to keep contributing to the Jack Reacher saga in any way I can.”

For the rest of the cast, Nick Santora appears to have left things open to interpretation.

“I will say this, and I am not trying to be coy or cute: You never know if a character might come back,” Santora told TV Line. “Then we might say, ‘You know what?’ when we get a brilliant idea. In season two or season three, you may bring back that character for a short or long period of time.”

Santora, on the other hand, emphasized a crucial part of storytelling: “Reacher does not have a large group of people following him about. You have to respect his solitary nature.”

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Reacher Season 2 Plot

Reacher Season 2

Just a few details regarding the new season have been made public so far; however, the 11th book in the series, Bad Luck and Trouble(opens in the new tab), has been mentioned by Alan Ritchson.

The official synopsis for the second season of Reacher makes it sound like the show will follow the book very closely.

Once members of Reacher’s former military unit start getting killed off one by one, he has just one thought in his head – retribution.

For whatever reason, Jack Reacher notices an anonymous deposit in his bank account in the novel Bad Luck and Trouble.

Reacher Season 2

A fellow ex-army investigator, Frances Neagley, has written Reacher an urgent message requesting his assistance, and he recognizes the number due to his mathematical preoccupation and superior analytical skills.

Because Reacher’s erstwhile companions have been viciously hunted down by someone else, Frances reaches out.

He and Frances are racing against time to discover the remaining survivors and put a stop to the assassins.

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Watch Reacher Season 2 Online

Fortunately, when the show gets its next batch of episodes, it will be easy to find them because it is an Amazon original, which means it will be available only on Prime Video, a service that you can join at any time.

You may easily binge-watch if it follows the first season’s pattern of airing every episode at once. This also means that you can watch the first season on Prime Video whenever you want.

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