one piece film red release date

One Piece’s next “Red” film will include Shanks’ genuine daughter, who is supposed to be Luffy’s “spiritual successor,” meeting. Terror and romance are almost certain outcomes.

Fan interest in Shanks has been high enough for the Straw Hat crew to feature in a new film, which centers on Shanks.

One Piece Film Red Trailer And Release Date

one piece film red release date

The Japanese premiere of One Piece Film: Red is set for August 6, 2022. For Toei Animation’s 15th film in the series, it maintains the trend of Toei Animation films being non-canonical.

Eichiro Oda’s 2002 manga, “Attack on Titan,” inspired the events of the film, which was released in 2013. Goro Taniguchi is in charge of the film’s direction.

“Defeat the Pirate Ganzack” and the Code Geass movie were both directed by him, thus fans of One Piece may recognize his name. To top it all off, the film adaptation is being handled by Tsutomu Kuroiwa. Eichiro Oda, the franchise’s creator as well as the writer of this story, is now in charge of overseeing the whole production.

One Piece Film Red Story/ Plot

It is Shanks, the notorious pirate who is said to have influenced Luffy’s decision to become a pirate, who will serve as the focus of One Piece Film: Red’s storyline.

Anime Shanks is a character that has never had a considerable amount of time on screen. He’s always been in the background, supporting the main actors. It’s like he’s Luffy’s shadow, and he keeps an eye on the world around him using the plot armor’s inscrutable processes.

one piece film red release date

This film is supposed to tell the story of Shanks and his daughter, Uta. After a brief appearance in the teaser, it looks like she will first be an enemy of the straw pirates, before finally becoming one of their allies.

An interview that accompanied this film stated that Uta is a human who has lived with the Sky Tribe for a long time. Members of the three extinct moon-dwelling species are included in this group of people. For example, the Skypeian race has already appeared in the anime.

Oda has stated that he intended to give the character of Uta an adversarial role in the film because the five films before this one all had a more typical macho male villain. Even though Uta is a deviation from previous films’ incarnations of the adversary, she is modeled after them.

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The Stream of Fan Responses

one piece film red release date

Eichiro Oda’s One Piece fans are known for their unshakable loyalty to the series and his other works. Those passionate tweets about the movie on Twitter prove that it is no exception.

There’s a meme that keeps repeating itself about how this movie is going to be the only One Piece film to star Shanks in an important role for the first time.

Many fans are expecting a disappointment when Shank only appears for five minutes in the overall story since they never believe anything Oda says. One thing about One Piece fans is that they never take Oda at his word.

As soon as it was revealed in the teaser that Uta is Shanks’ daughter, I immediately thought of the notorious father of Gon, Ging Freecess, which made me laugh out loud. An often-repeated fatherly behavior pattern that might lead to a tough upbringing for one’s children:

When it comes to One Piece Film: Red, there is just one thing we can be sure of – the action and excitement that we’ve come to expect from episodes of the series will be present.

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