Chapter 1055 of One Piece will be eagerly awaited by fans. As early leaks for One Piece chapter 1055 have surfaced, we now have all the details you’ll need.

After a bloody battle between Kaido and Luffy, the Wano Country arc has come to an end. Bounties were also introduced to the world, with Blackbeard, Shanks, and Luffy taking over as the four new Emperors.

The global government appears ready to deal with the crisis, and the public is eager to learn what happens next. Fans of Eiichiro Oda can’t wait for the release of his new chapter.

It began with Aramaki confronting Luffy’s henchmen, Momo, and Yamato, as well as the other members of Luffy’s crew.

Red Hair Shanks, meanwhile, is spotted outside of Wano’s borders and decides to meet Bartholomeo instead of Luffy.

It appears that Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki will be shown to the public at some point in One Piece chapter 1055’s early spoilers.

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One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers

One Piece made its long-awaited return last week, kicking off the manga’s Final Saga after a month-long hiatus.

Shanks and the rest of his crew arrived on the shores of Wano Country after Luffy and Kaido’s intense battle.

Rather than reuniting with Luffy, the captain of the Red Hair Pirates sets out in search of the fabled “One Piece” treasure.

According to some early spoilers, Luffy will be able to detect Shanks’ presence in Wano, and now fans are wondering what the Straw Hat Captain plans to do.

Ryokugyu had previously made his way into the Wano Country and attacked the residents of Onigashima in the previous chapter.

Yamato attacks Ryokugyu because the Greenbull wants the island’s people to submit to the World government.

Momonosuke, on the other hand, enters the fray as a dragon and takes on Ryokugyu. Wano’s new Shogun, Momo claims, has an obligation to protect the island’s citizens.

One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers

Momo finally learns how to use the Bolo Breath in the next chapter, and he injures Ryokugyu with it. Shanks’ “Conqueror’s Haki” appears near the island before Momo can take another step. He stops fighting when he realizes that the Red Hair Pirates could be in the area.

The Road Poneglyph in the Old Wano Country is where Sukiyaki takes Robin and Law. Sukiyaki explains to the duo that Wano used to be a massive country, but the rising sea level impacted its dimensions.

To learn more about Sukiyaki’s history, we’ll have to wait until the chapter is officially released.

After the feast and fireworks, the Straw Hats Pirates are still partying hard. However, when Luffy and Kid detect Shanks’ Haki throughout the Wano, things take an unexpected turn.

A new appearance by the Red-Haired Pirate is highly likely in the near future, as Shanks is clearly still in the vicinity of the island.

One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers

There are only a few days left until the long-awaited release of One Piece Chapter 1055.

So we had some idea of what to expect from this week’s chapter by reading the early spoilers that were released.

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One Piece Chapter 1054 Recap

Despite the efforts of the Nine Red Scabbards, Yamato, and Momonosuke, Red-haired Shanks can be seen on the shores of Wano Country.

His decision to leave Luffy behind and pursue Bartolomeo was made after contemplating his past memories.

Shanks finally admits to writing “One Piece” after a brief conversation with Benn Beckman. Meanwhile, Sakazuki discusses the recent events in a meeting and vows to drive all the opposing forces into the depths of the sea.

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When Does One Piece Chapter 1055 Comes Out?

On Sunday, July 31st, One Piece Chapter 1055 will be released.

Due to time zone differences, the release date may be different for some international readers, but it will be either the day before or the day after its initial release.

Viz Media and Manga Plus will have the chapter free to read. Shonen Jump offers a $1.99/month subscription to this manga as well. Several other series can be read from there if you’ve already caught up with the manga.

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