nerdle 28 July 2022

Nerdle is an offshoot of the well-known word-puzzle game that has been sweeping the globe’s social media platforms. Participants in this game must solve mathematical equations instead of guessing words.

Players have six tries to create and guess math, much like in the original. It must have an equal sign and be a correct calculation. Correct numbers in the correct position appear green, whereas correct numbers in the incorrect spot appear red.

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It’s not always easy to figure out the Nerdle solutions because there are so many different calculations that could be used.

nerdle 28 July 2022

If you’ve exhausted your six attempts and still want to know the answer, you may see them all below.

As long as we have answers, you won’t have to worry about running out of ideas. It is important to remember that this game follows the appropriate sequence of events.

Nerdle Answers Guide

Nerdle will present you with a new puzzle every day. You can try your luck at 12 am GMT, 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST, 1 am CET, 9 am JST, and 11 am AET on the Nerdle website.

In contrast to Wordle, the new puzzle is launched simultaneously around the world rather than at a certain time in a specific location.

Today’s Nerdle Answer

nerdle 28 July 2022

Nerdle of July 28th, 2022 has been revealed! Make sure you bookmark this page so you can get answers for future dates!

  • The Answer is… 27 / 3 – 4 = 5

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