Nerdle 23 July 2022

Mathematical expertise is being tested in a new game while most people are focusing on putting together five-letter word combinations.

It’s called Nerdle, and it was created by Richard and Imogen Mann. Some numbers and mathematical symbols have been given to you, and you must put them together into a calculation.

Afterward, you’ll be notified of which numbers and symbols are in the puzzle, and how they’ve been placed. For those of you who are stuck on today’s crossword, we’ve got the solution right here!

Nerdle Answers Guide

Nerdle 23 July 2022

A fresh puzzle awaits you every day on Nerdle. At 12 am GMT, 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST, 1 am CET, 9 am JST, and 11 am AET, you’ll get a chance to crack the code. This varies from Wordle in that the new puzzle is launched simultaneously around the world rather than based on local time.

Today’s Nerdle Answer

Nerdle 23 July 2022

The July 23rd, 2022 Nerdle’s solution is right here for you to see! Check back frequently to see if there are any new questions.

  • The answer is… 11 – 5 – 5 = 0!

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