Nerdle 21 July 2022

Math knowledge is now being tested in a game that most people aren’t even aware of. It’s called Nerdle, and it was created by Richard and Imogen Mann.

You’ve been given the responsibility of putting together a list of numbers and mathematical symbols into an equation.

Once you’ve completed the problem, you’ll be able to see which numbers and symbols have been appropriately placed! If you’re having trouble solving today’s crossword, we’ve got the solution right here for you!

Nerdle Answers Guide

Nerdle 21 July 2022

Nerdle will present you with a new puzzle each day. At 12 am GMT, 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST, 1 am CET, 9 am JST, and 11 am AET, you’ll have a chance to crack it.

Unlike Wordle, the new puzzle is launched simultaneously around the world instead of relying on local time.

Nerdle 21 July 2022 Answer

Nerdle 21 July 2022
  • 9 * 66 = 594

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