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Kevin Samuels Dating: His Ex-wives & Rumored Girlfriends As ‘love Guru’ Dies At 56

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Samuels, 56, has been married twice, and when the two were photographed together, speculations spread online that he was dating blogger Brittany Renner.

His mother confirmed to NBC that the controversial YouTuber, who was accused of misogyny, died on Thursday.

Samuels provided online lifestyle and relationship advice.

He sparked controversy on social media after saying that unmarried women over 35 are “leftover.”

Despite giving advice online, little is known about Samuels’ personal life because he rarely shared family photos.

Kevin Samuel’s First Marriage:

Kevin Samuels Dating

Samuels disclosed that he has been married twice in a VLAD-TV interview.

He married his high school girlfriend for a year.

Samuels married his first wife in an unknown year.

The couple had one child, whose identity is unknown.

Samuels explained that he divorced because “being married in the first place wasn’t a good decision.”

“We were high school sweethearts,” he remarked. There are highs and lows in any relationship.

“We were better as friends than as a relationship.” There was a lot more going on inside.

“We had a fantastic friendship.” We’ve been friends since fourth grade.”

Kevin Samuel’s Second Marriage:

Kevin Samuels Dating

Samuels then revealed that he remarried six to seven years later.

He revealed that the couple had no children.

The three-year marriage dissolved because of “irreconcilable issues,” according to the influencer.

“There’s nothing juicy to say about it,” he joked. No one intends to be divorced when they marry.”

Samuels stated that he would not “begrudge” his ex-wives for their divorce.

“I don’t say anything nasty about them because there’s no need,” he explained. “I wish everyone the best.”

Samuels hasn’t ruled out the possibility of marrying for the third time.

“I don’t think anyone wants to live this life genuinely alone,” he remarked. We just don’t know how to accomplish it.”

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Brittany Renner:

Samuels and Renner were spotted together in an Instagram video in November 2021, prompting speculation that they were dating.

Samuels can be heard saying in the video, “Surely, surely can’t fit in that.”

Renner looked stunning in a purple jumpsuit with knee-high boots.

The two were apparently sighted in Atlanta, Georgia, on a “shopping date.”

Onlookers informed News Nation USA at the time that Samuels was taking Renner on a “buying spree.”

Twitter users speculated on whether Samuels and Renner were dating.

“Is Brittany Renner flirting with Kevin Samuels?” one person asked.

“Kevin Samuels hanging around with Brittany Renner?” wondered another.

Renner proclaimed on her Instagram feed that it was “stepdaddy season” months before they were seen together.

“Hey yall, hi,” she said. It’s stepdaddy season. So, what’s up? Let’s go to the park!

“Don’t let your baby daddy or baby mother prevent you from receiving your blessings.”

Renner is PJ Washington’s ex-girlfriend, and the two had a child support dispute.

She’s a former Jackson State soccer player and Instagram model.

In 2010, she won the SWAC championship at Jackson State University.

James Harden, Jamal Murray, Ben Simmons, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown have all been romantically linked to the model.

Renner has never been linked to Samuels.

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According to accounts, the self-proclaimed love guru died on Thursday after suffering chest trouble and collapsing on top of a woman he was spending the night with.

Beverly Samuels-Burch, the YouTuber’s mother, confirmed his death to NBC on Friday after rumors of his death surfaced on social media on Thursday.

According to an Atlanta Police Department incident report, first responders responded to a 911 call at Samuels’ apartment after he complained of chest pain.

Kevin Samuels Dating

After Samuels collapsed on top of a woman who was spending the night with him, she dialed 911.

Samuels was discovered comatose on the floor of his flat by medical personnel, according to the report.

Samuels was sent to Piedmont Hospital for assessment after EMS performed CPR on him.

Beverly informed the newspaper that she learned of her son’s death through social media.

“That was a horrible thing for social media to do.” I had no idea. “I hadn’t even been alerted,” she said on Friday to the outlet.

“All I’m doing is asking for prayers for us.”

Melanie King, who claims to be Samuels’ close friend, said she obtained “family confirmation” that he had died.