The media has frequently questioned their friendship, despite the fact that they have always been open and stated that they are simply best friends.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, have they ever been in a relationship?

In the 1990s, a mutual friend set up CNN journalist Anderson Cooper on a blind date with Andy Cohen.

Cooper said on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, “I knew within 45 seconds, I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen.”

“I imagined him in a Bluetooth headset, gesticulating,” he continued. He was ecstatic, and he broke my cardinal rule by asking me about my mother within the first minute of speaking with me.”

“I wanted to date the Vanderbilt boy!” Cohen interjected. “I was very happy.”

Fallon asked Cohen if he remembered the call that way, to which he replied, “I remember that something I did cause him to shut down, so now I know.”

Is Andy Cohen Dating Anderson Cooper

“It wasn’t even a question,” Cooper continued. It was just, ‘Your mother is Gloria Vanderbilt,’ and I was like, ‘OK, yeah, this is not going to happen.'”

Despite that encounter, the two became best friends and traveled together on several occasions with mutual acquaintances.

Cohen told USA Today that the couple’s relationship has grown stronger over time, adding, “We’ve gotten much closer since I’ve had the talk show, and since we’ve been on tour together.”

“After all, we’ve known each other for 25 years.” He’s an incredibly loyal, caring, sensitive, and wonderful friend.”

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Is Andy Cohen married?

Is Andy Cohen Dating Anderson Cooper

Cohen is not married, and his most recent relationship ended in December 2020, according to The New York Times.

Hill is best known for her roles in musicals such as Hairspray and The Boy from Oz on Broadway.

Watch What Happens Live is currently produced by Hill and Cohen.

Despite their breakup, Hill and Cohen remained close friends.

He was also briefly linked to Clifton Dassuncao, a Brazilian doctor before the couple split in 2018.

Who is Anderson Cooper dating?

Is Andy Cohen Dating Anderson Cooper

Cooper had a few years of on-again, off-again relationships with Benjamin Maisani, a property owner and businessman.

The couple began dating in 2009 and were married for nine years before announcing their divorce in 2018.

Despite the fact that they have been together since 2009, they only made their relationship public in 2015.

They called it quits after it was revealed that Cooper had traveled to Dallas at least five times to spend time with doctor Victor Lopez.

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Cooper told ET Online at the time of their breakup, “Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago, but we are still family to each other and love each other very much.”

Following their divorce, the couple was said to have remained in contact and close friends.

Update: Cooper and Maisani may no longer be romantically involved, but Meisani has officially adopted Cooper’s oldest son Wyatt Morgan and is co-parenting Cooper’s newborn son Sebastian Luke.

Cooper told People in September, “It’s amazing.” “It’s an unusual situation, but I knew he’d be a great father, and he is.” We’re ex-spouses, but we’re family, and we love each other as family and as co-parents.”

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