Beginning on March 31st, Mnet has been airing Queendom 2, the latest installment of their popular K-pop reality show. Women’s group lineups this season include Loona, Kep1er, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), Viviz, and more, and each group’s supporters are hoping that their preferred act will come out on top. You can find information on voting dates, voting rules, and more for Queendom 2 on the Mnet app right here.

With Taeyeon as its host, Queendom 2 began with five K-pop groups and one soloist, and on June 2nd, the victor will be announced.

Exact Time of Queendom 2 Voting

Queendom 2’s live finale will feature the continuation of the final voting round.

During the final, viewers can only vote for one side. Please see the voting instructions for Queendom 2 down below.

Queendom 2 Voting Instructions

How To Vote For Queendom 2?

Mnet has made it extremely simple to cast a vote for Queendom 2.

  • To view MNET World, please visit
  • Select QUEENDOM 2 by clicking on it.
  • Sign up HERE to become a member of the Queendom 2 community.
  • Check the box, input your email and password, and then hit the “Send Code” button (enter 6 digit code)
  • After registering, go to the Queendom 2 tab to cast your ballot for your preferred musicians.
  • During the live finale, viewers can cast their votes.

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Voting Via Mobile Phone Number

In addition to in-person voting, fans can now choose their favorite group by sending a text message.

  • In order for fans to vote, they need to submit a letter or text message to a certain number, which will be revealed in the series finale.
  • Put your vote for a team in the body of the text.
  • Each number can only vote for one team.
  • KOR team name followed by team number inputted.
  • To properly type the team’s name, you can use the following characters:,
  • It’s imperative that all of the team names be entered without any spaces.

In order to participate in Queendom 2, you need a special participant number.

Hyolyn – 1

WJSN – 2

Kep1er – 3

Viviz – 4

Loona – 5

Brave Girls – 6

Six Courageous Women

Vote Streaming Spotify

The final song’s Spotify streaming score will be taken into account with Mnet votes. It’s possible to earn 20,000 bonus points by streaming your vote. The Queendom 2 Spotify official playlist will be used to calculate the streaming score.

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Winning Criteria in Queendom 2

How To Vote For Queendom 2?

Episode 1 of Queendom 2 revealed that Mnet would use YouTube views (for the complete versions of videos), a score from the Music Charts, votes from fans for “Fan’s Choice,” and live votes to choose the winner.

Only views from the first four days after the video airs on YouTube will be counted, and for each contestant lineup, views plus likes will be multiplied by 100.

Mnet’s Queendom 2 will feature elimination rounds like those seen on NBC’s The Voice, making every match more important than the last. The bottom-placed girl group or soloist after the first two rounds is in danger of being eliminated.

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Three Places to Watch Queendom 2

Live performances by Kep1er, Loona, WJSN, Hyolyn, Brave Girls, and Viviz may be seen on Mnet K-pop YouTube every Thursday at 9:20 p.m. KST, or 8:20 a.m. ET.

In case you want to see the entire episode after the show is over, you may do so with English subtitles by clicking here to go to Rakuten Viki.

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