We’re here to explain the joke if you’ve been on social media recently and noticed that many people have been asking you to Google “how to spell askew”!

Google has a variety of ways to amuse its audience, and it appears that they have discovered yet another strategy. In fact, some people have caught on to it and are now requesting that others use the platform to look for a specific term.

‘How To Spell Askew’ Google Joke Explained

It’s crucial to comprehend the definition of the term itself in order to fully explain what this joke signifies. For the uninitiated, askew is defined as “not in a straight or level position.”

The humor in this term comes from its definition and the way Google chose to use it. The platform will automatically tilt the page for you when someone searches for “askew.”

It might go overlooked at first glance. However, you’ll see that the phrases have been tipped as you scroll down. The line visible beneath the navigation options is likewise inclined at the same time.

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Do All The Pages Get Titled?

No, only the Google search page’s title changes. The page is automatically refreshed as you click on any page link or conduct another keyword search.

Such enjoyable components are frequently added to a page. It is comparable to the Google games that the platform arranges in place of Doodles or the Dinosaur Game that is displayed when a user experiences disconnection, one could argue.

What Are Other Fun Elements To Try On The Platform?

If you enjoyed askew’s work, you could search for a variety of other things. Several of them are listed below:

When a user types “perform a barrel roll” into the search bar on the platform. The entire website will begin spinning on its own thanks to Google. This ruse, however, only works for a little period of time.


The solution to life, the cosmos, and everything are: If you Google this, the result will be “42.” This is due to the fact that 42 is presented as the solution to everything in Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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Festivus: This pays homage to Seinfeld as the left side of the page features a pole that represents the location where one typically vents their complaints or the act of informing friends or family members of all the times they had let them down.

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