Emotional events like the Armageddon event and the “reappearance” of Ronnie Raymond in the current Deathstorm storyline have made this season of The Flash one of the most memorable in recent memory. Caitlin Snow’s resurrected dead spouse is actually Deathstorm, a horrible cosmic entity created by the singularity that killed Ronnie. Now viewers know this information. His ambition to make Caitlin his death bride was further fueled by this encounter.

Not only that, but in this episode, Caitlin also has to deal with the devastating loss of her sister, Frost—her previous alter identity and occasionally dark twin. Frost dies after taking transdimensional particles to fight Deathstorm and Caitlin can’t save her.

Given the show’s title, “Death Falls,” we should have expected something like this to happen and that not everyone would make it out of this episode unscathed.

Frost’s death comes as a particularly sharp blow after her triumphant showdown with Deathstorm, in which she thoroughly asserts her authority as (the admittedly horribly named) Hellfrost and it feels as though Team Flash has once again narrowly avoided tragedy.

Hellfrost Dc Character

Even more so because this is a death for The Flash that will never be rewritten.

Danielle Panabaker, who plays both Caitlin Snow and Frost, tells Den of Geek that “Yes, it’s a real death and she is really gone.” “I understand how upsetting this is. The fact that it’s surprising is part of what draws me to it.”

According to Panabaker, Frost’s death has been in the works for some time.

Eric [Wallace, the showrunner for the upcoming season of The Flash] really presented me this idea last summer when he was discussing season 8 as a whole,” she recalls. At one point during our discussion, I asked: “Are we really killing Frost off?” A fake-out would be inconvenient for everyone: the audience, Team Flash, and anybody else might be affected by the outcome.

As a result of Frost’s death, the Deathstorm graphic book (Wallace’s term for solo arcs within a season) is “shaped and informed” in key ways and has “real stakes.”

Hellfrost Dc Character

Praising the writers’ generosity, Panabaker says, “I am quite proud of Frost and grateful that they have provided her with so much material to work with.” Obviously, we’re sad to see her go. However, it has been a joy to share her tale. As of late, I’ve been having a great time with it.

To begin with, Frost was referred to as a “Killer” in the show’s opening credits. Her sad sacrifice, however, shows just how far the character has gone over the course of the episode.

“[The authors] have done such a terrific job of giving her a real arc: she got to go out and experience the world and make errors,” she explains. “And then, in season 7, she was able to take responsibility for some of her faults.”

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That was an impressive display of growth and maturity on her part. Caitlin is one of the characters she advises in season 8, and she’s not the only one.

While it’s a shame that The Flash had to put Frost’s development to the ultimate test by killing him, this is the nature of the superhero universe.

The fact that Caitlin has lost her husband, her father, and a number of subsequent romantic suitors during the course of the show’s previous seasons should come as no surprise. The loss of Frost will be difficult for Caitlin even though she is familiar with these emotions.

Hellfrost Dc Character

In Panabaker’s words, “You know, Caitlin has a lot of experience with sadness.” There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sorrow, as we’ve seen with her and many other people on the show.

If this is the case, then I don’t know how she’s going to respond. “I think there will be denial, rage, animosity, and perhaps even some bargaining,” he says.

The relationship between Caitlin and Frost has been one of the most important ties in Panabaker’s life.

Panabaker believes that their relationship has changed Caitlin “dramatically.” ‘They’re family, but you’re blood,’ Frost explains when deciding whether or not to take Caitlin’s side. “At the end of the day, they’ve got each other’s backs no matter what,” she says of their bond.

Prior to their separation in season 7, the two had developed a strong emotional reliance on one another, and that need has only gotten stronger since.

Hellfrost Dc Character

She needed a friend, and Frost stepped up,” Panabaker says after Cisco was killed.

So Caitlin will have to figure out a few things for herself now that she’s gone.

In the coming weeks and months, Caitlin will have to deal with more than just the death of Frost. Though it seemed impossible, she was persuaded that her deceased husband, Ronnie, was still alive and well.

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In addition to processing her shame over accepting Deathstorm’s falsehoods, she will now have to mourn his death a second time. (As well as liberating the entity responsible for her sister’s death.)

Panabaker relished the chance to look back on Caitlin and Ronnie’s relationship in a sequence of flashbacks, despite the overall melancholy.

As Panabaker chuckles, “I’m never going to get over them.” “Ronnie is the one that Caitlin was destined to be with,” I believe. The fact that they’re not is awful. We finally got to see a little more of that connection in this film.

Hellfrost Dc Character

In season 1, despite the fact that they had a lot of love for each other, it was still turbulent and not a very happy moment for them. So to get to observe their love was really nice.”

Because “none of men can compare” to the husband she lost, Caitlin’s romantic track record following Ronnie’s death has been less than brilliant. Caitlin’s most recent romance, with the pleasant but unremarkable Marcus, appeared to be taking off until she saw the return of her long-dead spouse, which put an end to everything.

Perhaps there is still hope for Marcus after all,” Panabaker jokingly remarks. My favorite part of the story is that Caitlin was following Frost’s advice and trying to invest in a relationship by making herself vulnerable and going all in. This is essential for her since she hasn’t given love a chance since Ronnie,” Frost added.

In an ideal world, Panabaker would like to tell more stories with “levity” and “a little less crying” if Caitlin was interested in a romantic relationship any time soon.

“The Marcus plot gave me the opportunity to lighten up a little bit,” she explains. In light of Caitlin’s recent loss of Frost, “don’t know whether that’s happening any time soon, but maybe someday that’s out there.”

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