Heardle 14 July 2022

Heardle’s answer for today, July 14th, is a brief, quick music teaser, as it often is.

Heardle is a Wordle-inspired music game in which you listen to the beginning of a song, with each incorrect guess increasing the length of the preview to aid in the identification of the song’s title and artist.

As a result of this, it’s critical for players to find today’s Heardle solution as soon as possible, especially since some song intros are more difficult to guess than others.

After solving today’s Heardle, are you interested in learning more about gaming music? We’ve spoken to Remote, a techno producer who creates music albums for old systems and spoke about what Debussy can teach us about the mood of games.

Clues for Today’s Heardle Answer

Heardle 14 July 2022

It’s possible that you can get by with only a few hints rather than the answer:

  • Mid-’90s release of the track.
  • If you’re looking for a certain album, it was on the third track list of an album released in 1995.
  • The name of the tune is three words long.
  • 4:17:17 is the song’s running time.
  • The band behind the song is an English one.

The Heardle Answer for Song on 14th July 2022

Despite the foregoing hints, are you still unsure? Do you want to continue your lucky streak?

Radiohead’s 1995 song High and Dry, featured on the album The Bends, is today’s Heardle pick. You may check it out here:

Now that you know the answer, don’t give it away to anyone else! Remember, you can publish your results in the form of a grid without giving away any spoilers..

Heardle 14 July 2022

Naturally, nobody has to know you came here to figure it out. Maybe take them off guard with a few fictitious guesses to start?

Want to Read More About Heardle Ahead of The Next Answer?

Wordle, a popular word game that launched in late 2021, was inspired by Heardle, a well-known inventor of a similar product.

In July 2022, Spotify acquired Heardle for an unknown sum, marking a watershed moment in Heardle’s history.

Aside from a switch from SoundCloud to Spotify as its default player, Heardle remains free and the game itself remains unaffected despite the acquisition. Spotify’s new feature allows players to listen to the complete track after they finish the game.

Spotify was interested in Heardle because of this. According to Spotify’s global head of music Jeremy Erlich, “We are continuously exploring for fresh and playful ways to increase music discovery and help artists find new fans.”

Heardle 14 July 2022

In spite of this, the game hasn’t been offered in all countries immediately following the acquisition (including the UK and US), nor have players reported any issues with their streaks dissipating.

Some players’ streaks were reset after the New York Times purchased Wordle, in case you weren’t aware of that.

Music fans will be able to “engage more deeply with artists and challenge friends – while having some fun in the process” using Heardle and other interactive experiences, Spotify has promised.

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