Heardle 12 July 2022

If this is your first time playing Heardle, we’ll walk you through the basics. In this game, you must determine the name of a song by listening to only a few seconds of the audio, which is similar to Wordle.

Guessing the music can only be done six times. You must make as few guesses as possible about the song and the singer.

The song will be played for only a few seconds in the beginning. The choice is yours: guess the music, or not.

A little more time will elapse once you decide to skip or take a chance and then you can try again. During your six guesses, the music will play for a total of 16 seconds at the fastest speed.

This puzzle’s music is culled from Heardle’s top-ten most-played albums over the last 10 years, according to their website.

Heardle 12 July 2022

So, if you’ve been listening to contemporary or popular music, you may be able to figure out what’s going on.

In any case, the songs featured in this quiz should not be difficult to answer because they are often well-known classics.

Heardle 137 12 July 2022 Answer

Today’s song of the day is “Always on Time,” and you can find the lyrics here.

2022’s July 12th Heardle 137 answer is 21 We Are Young – Fun.

Daily Song Hints

Heardle 12 July 2022

Heardle’s songs are a jumbled mess. One day you might hear music that was only released a few months ago, and the next you might hear something from the 1970s.

We have our own tips to aid you out because it’s difficult to keep a winning run going for very long.

Here are the Heardle 137 clues:

  • Hint 1: It was published in 2011.
  • Hint 2: Indie rock
  • Hint 3: Fun’s single
  • Hint 4: Three words will suffice.
  • Hint 5: blank Are You a Teenager?
  • Hint 6: Janelle Monae is featured

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