Heardle 06 July 2022

Another day, another song of the day for Heardle 131 to guess. Here is our July 6, 2022, tips and solution guide.

Many clone games were produced in an effort to appeal to the same audience as Wordle when it became successful.

Although we don’t know how many people use Wordle on a daily basis, we do know a little bit about some of the other games.

The website Quordle claims to have over two million daily players and fifteen million overall players.

The objective of the game is to anticipate four five-letter words in nine tries or less. Heardle, a game where players have to guess the song of the day, is probably played by millions of people.

Players are creating a daily to-do list that includes games like Heardle and Quordle now that there are so many daily guessing games.

If you’re unfamiliar with Heardle, the game begins with a musical intro, and each skip or mistake unlocks more of the song.

You get six chances to get the daily song right, and whether or not you succeed, you can publish your score on Twitter.

We’ve been documenting each day in detail for the previous three months, and today is no different. Heardle 131, which was published on July 6, 2022, has both our own hints and the solution.

Daily Song Hints

Heardle 06 July 2022

Heardle’s music is fully mixed. You might hear music that was released less than six months ago one day and a tune from the 1970s the next.

As a result, it’s challenging to sustain a winning streak for an extended period of time, which is why we have our own tips to assist you.

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Here are some tips for Heardle 131:

Heardle 05 July 2022
  • Hint 1: It was published in 1999.
  • Hint 2: Pop as the genre
  • Single by Jennifer Lopez
  • Hint 4: Five words
  • Tip number five: If You Had My blank

Heardle 131 6 July 2022 Answer

Heardle 06 July 2022

The solution to today’s song of the day is below if you’re still having trouble despite the suggestions above:

If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez is the solution to Heardle 131, which was published on July 6th, 2022.

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