Season 3 of Great Pretender has yet to be renewed by Netflix for a third season as of November 2021, and fans are beginning to wonder if season 2 was the series’ final season.

Of course, given no cancellation notices have been issued, we may be confident that the program will return in the future. Furthermore, we can fairly anticipate that the Netflix original series will be renewed, as there is just enough story content for a third season.

Even still, the third season of The Great Pretender has yet to be approved by Netflix, and you’re probably wondering when it will be available. Here are a few very accurate projections.

Release Date for Season 3 of The Great Pretender?

When will we be able to view the show on our phones and tablets? Is a third season of The Great Pretender even realistic, given that the show has yet to be renewed?

There is currently no indication on whether the show will be renewed, so there isn’t much that can be said about when it will premiere.  Great Pretender Anime Season 3 is expected as released on 14 October 2022.

Great Pretender Anime Season 3

The trailer’s release has been postponed indefinitely due to the fact that the show’s premiere date has yet to be verified or properly decided. We should expect the season 3 teaser to be released 4-6 weeks before the show’s premiere.

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Great Pretender Season 3: Who Will Be in It?

If Great Pretenders Season 3 is renewed, we can expect all of the characters to return in Season 4. Daichi Marui developed the Great Pretender series, and Mag Garden published the manga.

The following is a list of characters from the Great Pretender series:

  • Makoto Edamura
  • Thomas Meyer
  • Farrah Brown
  • Tim
  • Laurent Thierry
  • Abigail Jones
  • Cynthia Moore
  • Kuda
  • Kim Si Won
  • Seiji Ozaki
  • Lewis Mueller

Great Pretender Anime Season 3

  • Isabelle Mueller
  • James Coleman
  • Dorothy
  • Eddie Cassano
  • Salazar
  • Inspector Anderson
  • Sam Ibrahim
  • Clark Ibrahim
  • Chen Yao
  • Miki Edamura
  • Emma Thierry
  • Akemi Suzaku
  • Ishigami
  • Igarashi
  • Liu Xia

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What Can Be a Great Pretender Season 3 Plot?

Great Pretender Anime Season 3

Season 2 of Great Pretender ends with a hint of a greater robbery. And there may be more heated drama among the series’ characters. Laurent is successful in becoming one of Eddie Cassano’s bodyguards.

As a result, all of these signs point to the third season unveiling a more dramatic robbery involving the US President. Dorothy is alive, as viewers have discovered. As a result, Laurent and Dorothy could be reunited in the upcoming season.

Trailer for Great Pretender Season Three

Breathe! Because releasing a trailer teaser will take a long time. But don’t forget to keep coming back with us for updates on the highly anticipated anime The Great Pretender Season 3.


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