One of the most well-known shonen anime and manga series, Fire Force, has already aired two seasons. There were numerous rumors about the third season’s production during the first half of this year.

It was revealed that the third season was in development on May 16, 2022. Since then, viewers have been searching the internet for additional details on the series, but the production company hasn’t given the anime community any new information.

Let’s look at the series’ expected debut date as well as the potential streaming service(s) that will provide this series.

Fire Force Season 3 Cast and Crew

  1. Ogun Montgomery
    (Makoto Furukawa (Japanese) and Zeno Robinson (English)
  2. Scop,
    By Kentaro Ito (Japanese) and Tyler Walker (English)
  3. Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese)
  4. Derick Snow (English)

Fire Force Season 3 Expected Release Date

fire force season 3 release date

We anticipate the release of Fire Force season 3 sometime in December 2022 or January 2023. Let’s examine how we came to this conclusion.

If we look at the announcement for the first season, it was made somewhere in November 2018. The premiere of the first season occurred sometime in July 2019. The second season’s first episode premiered sometime in July 2020 after the second season’s announcement in December 2019 was completed.

If we look at how long it took the series to air after it was officially announced, it was probably seven or eight months. Since the third season’s formal announcement was made in May 2022, viewers can anticipate the series’ debut anytime around December 2022 or January 2023.

The fact that David Productions was occupied with projects like Cells At Work!! and Strike Witches: Road To Berlin perhaps contributed to the delay in the third season’s formal announcement.

Fire Force Season 3 Plot

fire force season 3 release date

Captain Hague of Special Fire Force Company 4 passed away at the end of Fire Force’s second season. Most Fire Force companies are in a state of disarray following the incident and are considering how to combat the White-Clad danger, which is only becoming worse.

Obi’s Rescue, the sixteenth manga series arc, will serve as the opening episode of the third season. Captain Obi of Company 8 is detained by White-Clad members posing as Tokyo Army soldiers. In the end, the White Clad wants to turn Captain Obi into an Infernal, but Shinra immediately sets off with Joker to retrieve Captain Obi after experiencing an unexpected Adolla Link.

The fact that the series will return with a more vibrant than-ever new installment makes us feel good, even though we are unsure if Fire Force: Season 3 will be the last.

Fire Force Season 2 Recap

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