Fire Force Season 3 Anime Release Date

If you haven’t seen the anime or read the manga for Fire Force, think of it as a hybrid between Fahrenheit 451 and Jujutsu Kaisen. It’s set in a universe where firefighters don’t put out fires; instead, they utilize their pyrokinetic talents to beat humans who suddenly combust and turn into monsters.

Shinra Kusakabe, who was told his brother died in the same house fire that killed their parents, is confident he is still alive. He joins one of these firefighting squads, Special Fire Force 8, to figure out what happened. We also know it’s a precursor to Soul Eater now.

There have been two seasons thus far, and fans are excited for more. So, when will Season 3 of Fire Force be released? Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

When Will ‘fire Force’ Season 3 Be Available?

Fire Force Anime Release Date

Season 2 of ‘Fire Force‘ debuted on July 4, 2020, and ran until December 12, 2020. It has 24 episodes with a total run duration of 24 minutes.

David Productions has yet to make an official announcement about the third season. Season 3 is possible, though, because the show has done well so far and has garnered a positive response from viewers. Fire Force Season 3 is expected as released on  16 September 2022.

We’ll update you as soon as any information about the ‘Fire Force’ season 3 release date becomes available.

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Season 3 of Fire Force Has a New Character and A New Voice Actor.

Fire Force Anime Release Date

Tatsuma Minamikawa will direct Fire Force season 3 if the cast and crew remain the same as in the previous seasons. He’ll be in charge of it under David Production Studio, which also produced the anime’s first two seasons. The composer will be Kenichiro Suehiro, and the lead animator will be Kazuhiro Miwa.

Season 3 of Fire Force has some great characters and voice performers.

Shinra Kusakabe is voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara.
Iris is portrayed by Mai Ichimichi.
Tanaki Kotatsu is portrayed by Aoi Yuuki.
Arthur Boyle is portrayed by Yuusuke Kobayashi.
Maki Oze is portrayed by Saeko Kamijou.
Akitaru Oubi is portrayed by Kazuya Nakai.

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The plot of Season 3 of Fire Force

Fire Force Anime Release Date

Season 3 of Fire Force will focus on the manga’s final volume, Volume 33. As of March 2022, 33 volumes of the manga have been published, with Kodansha USA having a license to publish them in English for North America.

Season 2 of Fire Force is already streaming across the country, but there are no signs as to when Season 3 will be released.

The final chapter of Season 2 of Fire Force was Fire Force Manga volume 18, chapter 158. The third season of Fire Force will continue where volume 18, chapter 159 ended.

Season 3 is anticipated to contain a lot of sorrowful moments, and fans will be able to cry buckets because it will be the final anime series based on the Fire Force manga.

Fire Force Season 3 Trailer

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