Jim Gaffigan, an American stand-up comedian, has debuted a new comedy special on Netflix.

On his show, which is appropriately titled “Comedy Monster,” the six-time Grammy nominee cracks jokes about the global pandemic.

After its publication, previous Twitter memes comparing Jim Gaffigan to animals, people, and inanimate objects began making the rounds again.

Get ready to be blown away by those who haven’t seen the ‘Jim Gaffigan look like jokes.

A Woman Has Said that Jim Gaffyan Resembles Her Kneecap

There is a tonne of online jokes that compare Jim Gaffigan to other things.

His 2016 appearance on the Conan with Conan O’Brien show on TBS was the catalyst.

Upon being asked about his experiences with social media, he remarked, “It’s weird, people just send me photographs of white males that look like me… as in “like that Boris Johnson man.”

Then he said that one girl even commented that his features resembled her shins. That’s because it is as strange as it sounds.

The audience went into hysterics when Conan displayed a snap of the woman’s knees.

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A Lot of People Also Guess that He Is Just a Baby

A lot of people think Jim Gaffigan looks like a baby, and they’re continuously sending him pictures of infants on social media.

Jokes about kneecaps and jokes about babies have a tenuous connection because knees are often compared to baby faces.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to worry Jim too much that people believe he looks like a bunch of different things.

In any case, he is a comic, so I guess he can take criticism like a man.

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Fans have pointed out that he resembles a cat.

Jim Gaffigan’s likeness to felines has joined the ranks of kneecaps and infants as objects of ridicule.

On Twitter in August of 2021, Jim wrote, “I’ve only been told I look like this cat by 4 people. A Twitter call to action.

Now, he constantly receives pictures of feline likenesses.

Intriguing as it may seem, people are peculiar.

Really? Just don’t see it.

Exactly how serious can one be?

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