Disney is renowned for producing some of the most cherished children’s movies of all time, with films from decades past still holding a place in the hearts of fans.

Though the movies are frequently lighthearted, fan theories frequently appear that suggest far darker storylines when you look behind the surface.

No Disney movie is risk-free. It appears that a fan theory concerning the 2016 film Moana questions if the movie’s protagonist dies in the opening scenes.

This fan theory may seem sinister, but it has some grounding in reality.

Does Moana Perish in The Storm?

According to an Occams-Toothbrush Reddit fan theory from February 2021, Moana actually perishes in the storm near the beginning of the movie.

The idea is based on the observation that following her shipwreck in the typhoon, Moana only encounters gods, demi-gods, and legendary animals for the remainder of the movie, such as Maui, the Kakamora, and Te Ka, and does not speak to any human characters again until the very end.

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One theory for this is that after Moana is caught in the storm, she is either transported to another place or slain and ends up in purgatory or a fantastical kingdom of the gods.

The fact that Moana enters Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters where Tamatoa the crab resides, without difficulty despite Maui’s assurance that no normal mortal would attempt the journey, may be seen as evidence that Moana is a demigod herself.

The fact that Moana meets her deceased grandmother again and that she appears to her as a bright blue ghost just before the film’s climactic showdown with Te Ka lends further credence to the hypothesis.

Only after Moana returns to the Heart of Te Fiti is she brought back to life, and this is also the last time we see Maui because he does not accompany Moana to Motunui.

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Hei Hei, What Is That?

Did Moana Die in The Storm?

The most perplexing element of the fan idea is Hei Hei the chicken, even if most of it fits in well.

That’s because he can follow Moana throughout the movie without seeming to give a damn.

Hei Hei’s origins, however, could be explained in one of two ways: either he is a demigod himself or he is a kind of spirit guide, like the alebrijes in Coco by Pixar.

After all, he most certainly isn’t aware of how to act like a typical chicken.

Disney+ now has Moana streaming, which was first made available in November 2016.

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