American actress Amber Laura Heard was born on April 22, 1986. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006) was her breakout performance, and she has since starred in more horror films, as well as comedies like The Ward (2010) and Drive Angry (2012). (2011).

Was Amber Heard in ‘Blade Runner 2049’ as Video Suggests?

The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which is expected to conclude this week, has become a media spectacle.

There was some confusion on social media over Heard’s movie roles before a new expert witness entered the stand on Monday to examine the actress’s career trajectory. Entertainment consultant Kathryn Arnold compared Heard’s career to that of Ana de Armas during her testimony.

A video purporting to show Amber Heard in the 2017 film “Blade Runner 2049” circulated online.

On Monday, an entertainment analyst testified on Amber Heard’s career trajectory and concluded that the negative publicity surrounding her legal battles had impacted her career, drawing comparisons to several other movie stars, including Ana de Armas.


Arnold claimed that Heard’s career success would be on par with that of famous names like Zendaya, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Ana de Armas if not for Depp’s alleged “smear campaign” against her.

Depp’s lawyer Wayne Dennison remarked during her questioning that Armas’ position in Blade Runner 2049 was as a “gigantic naked billboard,” leading to widespread confusion online because many assumed he was speaking to Heard.

Arnold, when asked by Depp’s attorney if she was aware of Armas’ involvement in the film, said, “It was years ago, I don’t recall precisely what role she had but she was in that movie, and from there, her agency should have leveraged that to get her more pictures.”

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Dennison then asked: “You have no understanding that her major role in that movie is a giant naked billboard?” Several Twitter users apparently mistook Dennison’s reference to Heard’s “gigantic nude billboard” part in the film after hearing about this exchange.

More than 800,000 people have watched a YouTube video called “Johnny Depp’s Lawyer BRUTALLY mocks Amber Heard’s Role in Blade Runner 2049” since it was posted on the site.

Twitter user @justbrooke7 posted a video clip from the event along with the following tweet: “The Legal Representation of Depp Discusses Amber’s Blade Runner Part. Savage.”

While another commented alongside a screen grab from the movie showing a hologram of a female character, saying: “Basically, Amber had one cameo in Blade Runner, and it was a nude one. Indeed, the lawyer was correct.”

Other online publications have used the image alongside a photo of Amber Heard, furthering the impression that this is the “billboard” shot starring Heard.

The information on Amber Heard’s IMDB page proves that she did not play a role in Blade Runner 2049; instead, Johnny Depp’s attorney Wayne Dennison was interviewing entertainment industry consultant Kathryn Arnold about Ana de Armas.

De Armas, who co-starred with Ryan Gosling as Joi in the 2017 sci-fi version, is named by Depp’s lawyer in the whole video of the trial that day.

Her role, who was a so-called “Digital Companion” and was featured on movie posters, also played the love interest (albeit a synthetic one) of the protagonist and had numerous scenes with Gosling.

Kathryn Arnold’s Testimony and Blade Runner 2049 Reference


Kathryn Arnold spoke in court on Monday (May 23) and offered a list of actresses she thought were comparable to Heard in order to determine how much damage the negative publicity surrounding the case had done to Heard’s acting career.

According to the celebrity expert, Ana de Armas’s “major studio film” that garnered “a lot of attention” was Blade Runner 2049, in which she played a pivotal role. Arnold remarked, “This is the one we can look for her [Ana de Armas] as a signpost.”

When asked by Depp’s attorney if she remembered Armas’ involvement in the film, Arnold said, “It was years ago, I don’t remember precisely what role she performed but she was in that movie, and from that her agency should have leveraged it to get her more pictures.”

You don’t realize that her main job in the film is a giant naked billboard, do you? An attorney for Depp inquired.

Besides comparing Heard to Ana de Armas, Kathryn also compared her to Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Zendaya, and Chris Pine, all of whom are successful Hollywood actors.

More from Arnold’s Testimony

Arnold testified under cross-examination that Heard made $2 million total for Aquaman and Aquaman 2.

Arnold said that Heard might have gotten a $4 million deal for Aquaman 2, but she turned it down since she was “extremely nasty” with the public.

Arnold further stated that if Heard had secured a movie deal of $4 million per year, she would have made a total of $20 million.

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Johnny Depp is taking Amber Heard to court for defamation over an opinion piece she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. Heard is filing a countersuit against Depp. The proceeding will continue.

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