Deadly Class Season 2: What Should You Expect From This Series

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Is a second season of Deadly Class in the works, and if so, when will it premiere? Following the thrilling season 1 finale, viewers were left wondering if a Deadly Class season 2 will ever be made, especially given the show’s success. There’s also the truth that there are still plenty of stories to be told about Rulers Dominion and his mismatched band of assassins, gang leaders, and cartel kings.

The Deadly Class TV show, based on Rick Remender and Wesley Craig’s comic series of the same name, was developed for Syfy by Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott and premiered in January 2019. Deadly Class, starring Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus Arguello, Lana Condor as Saya Kuroki, Maria Gabriela de Fara as Maria Salazar, Luke Tennie as Willie Lewis, Liam James as Billy Bennett, and others, is one of the network’s most ambitious dramas.

While the Deadly Class TV show debuted to decent ratings, it wasn’t the rating juggernaut that Syfy had hoped for. However, throughout Season 1, Deadly Class maintained decent ratings and even witnessed enormous rises in the days after each episode, with the biggest gains in live+7 ratings near the end of the season. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to get a Deadly Class season 2 renewal.

Will Deadly Class Season 2 Ever Return?

Deadly Class Season 2

Rick Remender revealed last week in June 2019 that Deadly Class season 2 will be canceled after looking into different streaming options. In the United Kingdom, the series Deadly was renewed for a second season on StarzPlay, although the platform is not ready for season two.

The Deadly Class TV show may have finished, but fans are still enamored with it, petitioning Netflix for a second season.

After its second season, the show was canceled.

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What Is It About?

Deadly Class Season 2

So, what exactly is Deadly Class all about?

It is mostly on Marcus, who is recruited to the King’s Dominion, a secret school where parents send their children to train as ‘crime experts,’ set in the 1980s.

Marcus is guided by Master Lim in there, which helps him adjust to the academy. Students must learn how to fight, shoot, use poison, psychologically manipulate victims, and other necessary skills in order to achieve their objectives.

However, the major plot is around Marcus, who spends his life in the academy with the sole purpose of assassinating American President Ronald Reagan. Marcus feels Ronald Reagan is to blame for his parents’ deaths.

The series also depicts the pupils’ pasts and their troubles as they go through life.

This show isn’t just about the dark side; Marcus has to cope with love triangles at school.

If there is a Deadly Class season 2, it may be about Master Lin’s sophisticated scheme as well as the catacombs beneath the school.

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Deadly Class Season 2 Cast

Deadly Class Season 2

  • Maria Salazar will be portrayed by Mara Gabriela de Fara.
  • Billy Bennett will be portrayed by Liam James.
  • Master Lin is played by Benedict Wong.
  • Saya Kuroki plays Lana Condor.
  • Marcus Lopez Arguello will be portrayed by Benjamin Wadsworth.
  • Chico’s real name is Michel Duval.
  • Willie Lewis is portrayed by Luke Tennie.

Season 2 trailer for Deadly Class

Although the trailer for Deadly Class season 2 has not yet been released, you may watch the first season below: