Premiering on ABC in the United States on 11 July 2022, Claim to Fame is a reality competition show. Kevin and Frankie Jonas host the show.

The Spoilers for ‘Claim to Fame,’ See the Cast

The Jonas Brothers’ new reality show Claim To Fame premiered on ABC last month, and viewers have become engrossed in the drama.

There were originally 12 contestants, all of whom were related to famous people. The goal of the show is to determine who the mysterious person in boldface in each participant’s family tree is.

Fans were making guesses in real time alongside the cast as they perused the clue wall, which featured images related to each of the hidden celebrity relationships.

Due to the shocking nature of this season’s revelations, the internet has been working around the clock to try and make sense of all the potential pairings

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A wide range of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Tom Holland, Prince, Loni Love, and others, have been bandied about. Although many mysteries remain unanswered.

And if you are here, it’s probably because you are looking for spoilers, as this article contains some. Fortunately, a few of the competitors have been eliminated from consideration.

Who Do You Think It Is so Far?

claim to fame spoilers

Pepper was selected as the guesser for a third time in episode four. To her dismay, she assumed erroneously that Kai was connected to Andra Day. Womp.

The fact that Brittany was the daughter of former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre ultimately led to her elimination.

Who has been voted off the island thus far is as follows:

  • Brett Favre’s daughter Brittany
  • Laverne Cox’s identical twin, M Lamar (“X”)
  • Michael, Zendaya’s cousin (played by Cubb Coleman)
  • This is Maxwell, the grandson of Chuck Norris.
  • Who will be the next one to go?

Where Are the Other Actors and Actresses?

Although the identities of the remaining cast members have yet to be uncovered, you can rest assured that the internet will have those details before the show airs.
After Maxwell was eliminated in the pilot, everyone was eager to find out who Pepper’s relative was (since she was the guesser).

A Twitter user has done some research and asserts that Pepper is in fact Dean Martin’s granddaughter. The user not only provided evidence of the celebrity connection, but also side-by-side photos of the candidates.

Please note that this list is based entirely on one Twitter thread. This information was taken directly from Twitter. Their website may provide you with the same material in a different format, or it may provide you with additional material.

  • Laverne Cox’s twin brother X is referred to herein.
  • As Brett Favre’s daughter, Brittany is a very talented football player.
  • The beautiful Zendaya is related to Michael, her cousin.
  • Loreal Palmer, also known as “L.C.” is Keke Palmer’s sister.
  • Cindy Crawford’s niece Lark is called Lark.
  • Cousin Jason Aldean can call Logan family.
  • A close relative of Tiffany Haddish, Kai is a member of the Haddish family.
  • Pepper Martin is the granddaughter of Dean Martin.
  • Granson Maxwell Norris is the grandson of the famous martial artist.
  • Simon Biles’ sister is named “Louise.”
  • Amaryah is Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter.
  • Dominique Sharpton is the daughter of civil rights activist Al Sharpton.
  • Here is more proof to back up that list.

Kai wore a floor-length white gown in last night’s episode that viewers think they’ve seen Tiffany Haddish wear before. Users on Twitter also noted that Tiffany wore the same dress to multiple ceremonies.

This information was taken directly from Twitter. Their website may provide you with the same material in a different format, or it may provide you with additional material.

claim to fame spoilers

Fans of the show Claim To Fame initially thought that Dominique was related to Loni Love because of their striking resemblance. However, as reported by Newsweek, subsequent episodes have revealed that Dominique is actually related to Reverend Al Sharpton, an American civil rights activist, talk show host, and politician.

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Previously, Lark had revealed that her aunt was a supermodel in the 1980s. Since Cindy Crawford, a supermodel, is one of Lark’s followers on Instagram, many people assume that she must be Cindy Crawford’s niece.

Now that you have all the information you need, you can kick back every Monday night and watch the cast try to piece together the puzzle on ABC.

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