Social media users are becoming more concerned about TikTok’s trending Silhouette Challenge due to rumours that claim users can remove the red filter, but is this really the case?

One of the most well-liked social media challenges of 2021 so far, the Silhouette Challenge has quickly rivalled the Buss It fad and seized the internet by storm.

At first, the challenge appeared to be innocent, but now worries about the trend’s safety are surfacing because reports suggest that internet users may remove the red filter and view what’s behind it.

This is a problem because most women either wear extremely tight clothing or record the challenge while completely naked in order to make the silhouette look as effective as possible.

Do you have the ability to disable the Red Filter on the Silhouette Challenge? The answer is no, but you must still exercise caution. Why then?

The virality of The Silhouette Challenge on Tiktok

Can You Remove The Red Filter On The Silhouette Challenge?

The Silhouette Challenge has fully taken over TikTok, and the hashtag #silhouettechallenge has received an astounding 249.6 million views so far, making it one of the year’s most well-liked social media fads.

Posing in a doorway, you then transform into a black silhouette against a sensual red background. Put Your Head on My Shoulder is included as background music.

But now that hundreds of individuals have participated in the challenge and uploaded their films to TikTok, there is growing concern on social media that the fad may not be as safe as it first appeared.

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Can You Take the Red Filter Away?

Can You Remove The Red Filter On The Silhouette Challenge?

People are reportedly attempting to remove the red filter in order to check whether the woman was naked when she recorded the video, according to reports that have taken over social media.

There is no way to remove a filter once it has been applied, therefore if doing the Silhouette Challenge gives you anxiety about someone deleting the filter, you don’t need to. Nevertheless, you should exercise caution.

Some social media networks utilise a video format that enables users to store the original file and the altered clip separately, removing the filter. However, when a video is uploaded to TikTok, the filters are included in the clip and cannot be separated.

However, despite the fact that it is impossible to remove the filter, some people are employing editing strategies, such as boosting exposure and brightness, to remove the red colour and reveal what’s underlying.

A number of “tutorials” that demonstrate how to modify the picture so that people can see what’s behind it have appeared on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. It’s generally preferable to wear clothes just in case because, while it won’t entirely remove the filter, it will allow you to view a little bit of the original clip.

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On Twitter, anxiety increases

Many people have used Twitter to voice their unfavourable sentiments after learning that some were attempting to remove the Silhouette challenge’s filter.

The red filter on the silhouette challenge has been removed, guys have discovered, one Twitter user remarked. Men really are a total waste of time.

“Hey women, it seems that men have figured out a way to bypass the red filter on the silhouette challenge so they can see you fully naked, etc. Be cautious,” added another.

Someone more said, “If you remove the red filter on those silhouette challenges, you are a terrible and vile human being!”

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