Best Showtime Shows of All Time

Best Showtime Shows of All Time


Since the commencement of the golden era of the television industry, several services have been competing in various ways to deliver the best viewing experience to their audiences. People have been gravitating to Netflix since its inception, but there is a lot to miss if they haven’t checked out Showtime. Showtime provides a TV show for everyone’s taste, from comedy to drama, thriller to classic sci-fi. There isn’t any surprise why the channel is among the most-watched channels in America and why many premium TV packages like Xfinity tv offer the channels in HD quality for everyone to enjoy the experience of high-quality streaming.

Showtime has been operating for decades now and has come up with plenty of amazing stuff to watch.  In this article, we have listed down the best Showtime shows of all time that you can watch right away with the guarantee of a mood refreshing experience.

1.      Shameless

What does a sister do when she has five younger brothers and an alcoholic father? Gets into trouble? Yes, but she also takes on the responsibility of raising her siblings on her own. That’s what Fiona does in this comedy-drama of an Irish American Family. The series features some of the top award-winning performers and has been entertaining us for a decade in a row, becoming Showtime’s longest-running show. If you’re looking for a nice chuckle and a lot of family drama, Shameless is the show to watch.

2.      Dexter

Dexter is a Showtime Original crime drama that aired its eight successful seasons from 2006 to 2013. Dexter Morgan, a forensic technician who is at odds with his ideas and the world, is the star of the series. The show centers around the Miami Metro Police Department’s murder mysteries, with Dexter portraying both a hero and a villain in his quest for and execution of criminals who have not been properly punished by the law. Michael D.Hall has won the hearts of millions of fans with his Golden Globe-winning performance and his charming personality as Dexter Morgan.

3.      Billions

Wealth means war screams this American Series. Shot in some of the leading financial centers of New York and Connecticut, the season features some of the most outstanding scenes, not only in action but also in aesthetics. The series depicts the reality of the world of high finance, wealth, and power as the protagonist, Bobby Axelrod’s struggles with developing tactics to fight against illegal acts by higher authorities.

Billions have been conquering the hearts of billions since 2016, and the billionaire team is returning this year with a new season. The show has completed five seasons, with the impending sixth season being marked on all fans’ calendars.

4.      Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American horror-mystery drama serial created by Mark Frost and David Lynch.  The show debuted in 1990 and was discontinued after two seasons in 1991. The show received a highly great reception and was ranked as one of the best TV shows in history, and was demanded by a variety of channels for many years.

The series revolves around Dale Cooper, an FBI agent, and his local Sheriff, Harry S. Truman who are involved in solving fictional town Twin Peak’s fictional murder mysteries. The theatrical portrayal of geeky characters and mystical themes have made Twin Peaks remain a viewers’ choice for more than a decade.

5.      Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is a drama series revolving around a titular character who is a professional broker arranging back-ups for celebrity criminals helping them with crime-scene-clean-up duties. The series is among the most-watched series on showtime and aired for several years. Ray Donovan’s cast has some of the most skilled actors, including Liev Schreiber, Katie Holmes, and John Voight. Roy Donovan fans can’t get enough of him, and there’s good news for them: a Roy Donovan film coming out this year.

6.      Episodes

We all adore Joey Tribbiani and Matt’s funny acting, which often leaves us in tears. If you are a Joey Tribbiani fan, you must have wished that only if Matt gets his series, it would be a comedy masterpiece. Well, there you have it! The Episodes are your dream come true.

What can be funnier than Matt LeBlanc starring as Matt LeBlanc remaking a comedy series, that’s exactly what the episode is about. When a couple of writers set out to recreate their hit British show for an American network, their greatest nightmare begins with American absurdity and Matt LeBlanc being cast as the lead of their show who not only acts for them but gets involved with their personal lives.

7.      House of Lies

No one plays the corporate game like Mart Kann and his team of management consultants, who have all the methods to leave you speechless as they seal massive deals with their charm and wit. The show is a comedy-drama about Marty Cann’s personal and professional life, in which he plays an obstinate management consultant who becomes incredibly successful and eventually starts his firm after leaving his management job. The show is a wonderful pick for anyone searching for a lighthearted comedy to watch.

Wrapping it up

Showtime has some of the best shows of all time for anyone to watch. With so many shows being aired and having been aired for decades, it’s difficult to choose which ones are the finest to watch. We’ve included some of our all-time favorite shows above, which you can watch right now without a second thought.