Using a scene from a well-known movie, a new Bernie Sanders meme has gone viral online. This is how the “Ghost” meme is explained!

At his inauguration on Wednesday, Joe Biden received the oath of office as the country’s 46th president, but Bernie Sanders was the center of attention.

The Democratic politician, who briefly considered running for president in 2020, showed his support by showing up for Biden’s inauguration, but the globe was taken aback by his choice of clothing.

Bernie arrived at the event when everyone else was wearing their sharpest suits and dresses, and it was immediately converted into a popular meme.

There is a new Bernie Sanders meme that blends the well-known image of his mittens with a well-known movie scene. The Bernie Sanders Ghost meme is explained here.

The Bernie Sanders “Ghost” Meme Grows in Relationship

Bernie Sanders Ghost Meme Explained:

As Bernie Sanders jokes proliferate online, one has gained notoriety as the Bernie Sanders Ghost meme after making social media users laugh.

The image of Bernie Sanders during the Inauguration wearing his mittens has been modified in the meme to appear behind a lady on a pottery wheel.

Where did this scene come from as Bernie encircles the woman with his arms around the pottery wheel while wearing large mittened hands? Everything is discussed below.

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This Clip Is from The 1990 Movie “ghost”

Since the sequence truly originates from the immensely popular 1990 film Ghost, if you haven’t seen the movie before you might be a little perplexed.

Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore feature in the American romantic suspense film. The film stars Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn, and Rick Aviles, and it centers on a troubled young woman, the ghost of her deceased lover, and a psychic who aids in saving her.

The film’s central character, potter Molly Jensen, is featured in the most well-known sequence in which she works on a pottery wheel with her deceased boyfriend’s ghost standing behind her.

However, Bernie Sanders has been substituted for Patrick Swayze in this meme, which is undoubtedly making people giggle.

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Twitter Users React to The “ghost” Meme from Bernie Sanders

People have been responding to the “Ghost” joke on Twitter as it quickly rose to the top of the list of Bernie Sanders memes available online.

Someone wrote: “Crying laughing at this, by far the best #BernieSanders #Ghost #Mittens.”

The funniest thing I’ve seen in a while is the Bernie Sanders “Ghost” meme, according to another.

One more user wrote on Twitter: “I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of the @BernieSanders mittens memes. I recently came across a gif of him and @justdemi in the pottery scene from the movie #ghost. took me outside.

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